November 2022: Beyond “What am I grateful for?”

Ah, November, the month of gratitude. By now, many of us are aware that practicing gratitude is good for us. Gratitude helps us put things in perspective. It helps us shift away from stress or bitterness over what we lack and feel more grounded and at ease with what we have. This is powerful for our daily well-being. soul

Sept. 27, 2022: Who Doesn’t Love Merlot?

Sept. 27, 2022 — A note from Gerry Hanley, executive director of If you haven’t used our service yet, I am thrilled to introduce you to the MERLOT project, which began in 1997 when the California State University Center for Distributed Learning developed and provided free access to MERLOT: mind

September 2022: Preparing for Seasonal Blues

It’s September … we are nearing the transition from summer to fall. While we’re still baking in heat (at least I am here in DC), we can start to look ahead and prepare ourselves for the seasonal transition we're all heart