Discover the power of Diversity Training University from its senior managing director Dr. Billy Vaughn

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio Dr. Billy Vaughn teaches us about the essence of diversity + inclusion

From NOAA to PF Changs, Dr. Billy Vaughn has helped hundreds of thousands of people upgrade their idea of what it means inclusive.

Feb. 14, 2021: A Note from Tony Farmer, host, Black Lives Matter Radio Show — It is an honor to introduce you to my dear friend Dr. Billy Vaughn. This man has been a mentor and role model to me for decades, and I can’t imagine a better person to interview on Valentine’s Day during Black History Month.

As the Senior Managing Partner and Director of the Diversity Executive Leadership Academy, Billy is an expert in workplace inclusion, engagement, and cultural competence. His days are spent working as a diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer, teacher, and writer.

Billy’s clients: Ranging from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to PF Changs Restaurants, QualComm Inc., and Square Inc. — Billy’s clients are diverse and impressive, and all share one thing in common: The desire to be inclusive. 

In the beginning: Billy’s career began as a core faculty member at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in San Diego, which is one of four campuses of an elite private graduate school for training applied psychologists. It is currently a school within Alliant University. He designed and developed the Culture & Human Behavior program, which trains doctoral-level applied cultural psychologists.

An award-winning teacher:  Billy has worked at the University of California, San Diego, California State University, Fullerton, Argosy University, and University of Lund (Sweden). He currently serves as dissertation chair for Walden University in the Organizational Psychology program.

To apply his work in non-academic settings: In 1998, Billy developed the Diversity Training University International. This free-standing corporate university furthers his goals of applying his knowledge and skills in training cultural competence among those in the community and workplace. The Diversity Executive Leadership Academy, an executive-level diversity leadership certification institute, is a subdivision.

Public speaking: Billy is frequently invited to serve as keynote speakers by a range of organizations and businesses, such as the Multicultural Advocates for Cultural Competence organization. He has conducted workshops at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education for the last decade due to his outstanding performance evaluations.