Psychotherapist Silvia Stenitzer, host of the Soul Action show, takes us on a Guided Meditation Vacation

Silvia says: Coming to therapy is an act of love. My own suffering and longing for full expression and aliveness have led me on an ever-evolving journey inward. I could not have embarked on this perilous adventure alone: for good parts of the way, I have found support and encouragement from insightful therapists, the wisdom of Yoga, a most poetic Qi-Gong practice, and countless serendipitous offerings from friends and strangers. Out of a deep desire for connection and intimacy grew my passion to work with people therapeutically and creatively.

I use an eclectic approach: My emphasis is on experiential therapies such as action methods, psychodrama, embodied mindfulness practice, interpersonal neurobiology, and principles of C.G. Jung’s psychology. Drawing, painting, and embodying our experiences offer insight into our unconscious ways of how we live life. The body serves us so beautifully as a source of story, memory, and inspiration. Sensory self-awareness forms the basis for us to know what we feel and how we are. This self-knowledge ultimately can help relieve our suffering and guide us towards personal fulfillment and satisfying meaningful relationships.

In my work: I trust the deep wisdom of the body, our innate self-healing abilities, and the magic of interpersonal connection. Movement, action, psychodrama, improvisation, art expression, dreams, play, and meditation are our allies on the journey to Self; a recovered/reconnected Self, that then is able to engage compassionately with the “other,” living and thriving in the interconnectedness of all.

My clients: I welcome individuals, couples, and groups with emotional issues including anxiety, depression, loss, grief, body-and-health-related challenges, life transitions, relationship problems, and personal growth.

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