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Inkandescent® is proud to announce that we have partnered with Alexandra Salas, founder of Bestemming Yoga Retreats, to create traveling retreats to help us heal our minds, bodies, spirits, souls, and hearts.

From mid-week retreats that refresh, invigorate, and inspire (you’ll be surprised what you can do in 24 hours) to weekend events and weeklong international trips, our retreats provide the respite you need to cope, connect, and flow smoothly through your beautiful, amazing life. Click here to meet Alexandra. Learn all about Bestemming here.

Alexandra explains: “These traveling retreats aren’t just a great way to get away from the buzz of activity, people and work that you are juggling daily,” Alexandra insists. “They provide you with a sense of deep calm, connection to yourself and other new friends, and we’ll be surprised if you don’t have an amazing ah-ha moment.”

Our offerings include:

Mid-week retreats

  • Welcome wine-and-cheese celebration where you get to know the crowd after you’ve checked into your room
  • Elegant, delicious candlelit dinner
  • Evening restorative yoga class with a relaxing, meditative gong bath
  • Hot tub cleanse before bed
  • Brunch and a leisurely morning stroll before you check out of your room
  • Mid-morning stretch yoga class followed by seated chair massage for each guest* (full-body massages are also available)

Specialty retreats

  • Art Retreat — For budding artists, as well as professionals, led by one of our celebrity Inkandescent Artists
  • Writing retreat — For anyone who wants to write a book, create a healing journal, or write their hearts out on their healing journey. Want to publish that book? Click here to see some of our Inkandescent Books.
  • Photo Retreat — You know you take great pics and want to not only hone your craft but share them with the world? On this retreat, a professional photographer will show you the way, teach you to make handmade books of your photos, and provide stunning settings to take those pics. Our Inkandescent photo director, Anna Gibbs, will be our guide.
  • Why Divorce Transformational Retreat — While no one wants to suffer through this painful process, divorce is a reality for so many of us. Based on the book by Hope Katz Gibbs, Why Divorce: 5 Reasons to Leave, this retreat will provide journaling workshops, yoga and meditation classes, massage, and group conversations led by experts (therapists, life coaches, and other healers). You’ll leave refreshed, connected to others, and ready to take on the next steps in your life.
  • De-Grief Caregiver Retreat — So many GenXers are card-carrying members of the Sandwich Generation, caring for kids and aging parents, partners, and pets. On this full-body relaxation retreat, you’ll be immersed in calm, healing energy, yoga classes, massage and Reiki, soaks, and events that will invigorate you to tackle all that you are coping with. The retreat will feature grief specialists who can provide additional coping skills and tools to keep you balanced and aligned, including Rev. Barbara Thorngren, grief therapists, death doulas, and more.
  • What would you like to heal, explore, experience? We’ll make it happen.

International Travel Retreats: For anyone with a sense of adventure, traveling abroad tops their bucket list. Starting with a trip to Costa Rica in 2022, Alexandra has adventures planned for the years to come.

Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions? Send an email to Hope Katz Gibbs and Alexandra Salas

We hope you‘ll join us on these healing journeys to Destination Peace! We look forward to seeing you soon. — Sat Nam, friends!

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