December 2022: Simplify, Organize, Clarify for Your Wellness

Hi Friend,

I’m greeting you with love and gratitude this day.

Inhale love… … …Exhale ease

This week is the start of Virgo Season in the astrological calendar. Ok, so what does that mean? As is explained by Astrologer and Life Coach Tracey L Rogers (author of our AstroZen Journals),

Virgo the Virgin is a sign of simplicity that values efficiency – think hardworking Beyoncé and the always dapper Idris Elba…

…The next few weeks will inspire you to fine tune the affairs of your life so that you might continue to feast off your harvest. New methods and strategies will prove useful; wherever you decide to organize – whether purifying your environment, offloading tasks, or starting a 10-day cleanse – ensures a regular bounty.” – Virgo: Season of Purity AstroZen Journals.

Even though I’m an astrology newbie, I appreciate this invitation to get re-organized and simplify my routines and activities. This week alone, this has shown up in a few ways:

  • Working only on priorities – I’ve been writing down in my planner no more than five to-dos per day, forcing me to choose what matters most. This has helped me not only get stuff done but also feel like I can turn off at a reasonable time. Whew!
  • Focusing my self-care – My only self-care goal this week has been getting to bed by my target time. That’s made it easier to follow through on that goal. It’s also made it easier to keep up my morning wellness routine, with less force and more flow.
  • Paying no mind to self-doubt – As those worst-case thinking thoughts pop in my mind, I’ve been noting them, and then keeping them at bay with a gentle, “Hello, I see you’re there, but you don’t serve me, and I don’t have time for you, so let’s move on.”
  • Tidying my space – I’ve been better about making my bed in the morning, washing and putting away dishes, and putting away clothes. These are small things, but I’ve been feeling more balanced by maintaining this.

How can you simplify, focus, or organize an area in your life? It could be your physical space, your wellness routine, your interactions with people, your work habits, your meals, your sleep hygiene, personal finance, etc.

As you explore this, know that you don’t have to get it right or perfect the first time. You can start with just one area, tweak things here and there, and see if those tweaks help you gain clarity, breathing room, or energy.

We invite you to use our Virgo Season Journals as a tool to support your journey in simplifying or reorganizing your affairs for your wellness. There is one version for each Zodiac sign, so your journal’s prompts and cover are personalized to you. You got this!