Black Lives Matter: Meet Dray Gardner, the powerhouse behind Silent Savasana

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio From the Black Panthers to the Power of Yoga, Dray Gardner shares his insights on Black Lives Matter

Learn about Dray's past, present, and future as a yogi and black man working to make a difference!

Say Namaste to one of Las Vegas’ most popular yogis, Dray Gardner. The Inkandescent™ team met this incredible teacher on a June 2020 visit to Nevada. Over lunch, we learned why thousands of locals, travelers, and celebs are eager to take a transformative class with the man who found yoga by accident. Literally.

Nearly crippled by a life-threatening car wreck, Dray’s doctors insisted on surgery. “But I knew that wouldn’t truly heal me,” explains the former athlete who instead found wellness through the healing power of yoga. In the years since, Dray says he says it has provided nourishment for his body and mind in ways he’d never experienced: balance, discipline, focus, determination, strength, flexibility — and meditation. “Not only have I found peace of mind, I have found my calling.”

 Dray’s mantra is: You owe you. Indeed, that idea is what inspired him to created Silent Savasana™: a restorative series of exercises that fuse yogic wisdom with meditative music and modern exercise theory. “The purpose of my classes is to help others evolve into the best version of themselves. My program yoga routines support every muscle, tendon, joint and organ down to a cellular level. Yoga has become my life’s work, my dharma.”Dra

Those classes attract hundreds in Las Vegas, including Food Network Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis, among others. Each gravitate to Dray’s mission of connecting people to themselves.

Dray knows: “People are searching for ways to overcome their limitations and the challenges that seem to only be getting more challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the resurgence of the civil rights movement, and quite simply what it means to be alive in 2020. Irregardless of what is waking you up at night, by staying calm, regularly exercising and meditating, it is possible to lead a healthier happier life, and connect with your life’s purpose.”

Dray’s bottom line: “Exercise without self-awareness and personal development, isn’t enough. The practice of yoga must include the inner experience and a clear path to higher consciousness—both of which are essential to improving quality of life.”

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