Episode 1: Meet Zach the Reiki Guy and discover our newest show on Inkandescent Radio, Reiki Flute Fusions

Welcome to our Inkandescent Radio’s first episode of the Reiki Flute Fusions show, featuring music by Zach the Reiki Guy — one of Santa Fe’s most popular musicians. We are excited to feature his music, podcast interviews, and tunes that we know will transform your day. To get us started this month, we’ll be sharing a handful of tunes for your listening pleasure. Enjoy today’s infusion!

Join Zach for a live performance on June 29 at 6pm MT: If you love Zach’s music as a podcast, you are going to be blown away by his live performance — accessible from your laptop anywhere in the world. Click here to sign up on his Calendly. Once you do, you’ll be prompted to pay the affordable price of $33, and then he’ll send you a direct link. Easy peasy! We’ll see you on Wednesday!

About Zach: Zachariah Grace is a Recording Artist/Sound Healer, and Reiki Master/Teacher from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the founder and owner of Southwest School of Reiki, and Online Reiki Academy. He has also been practicing Massage Therapy since 2012 and teaches massage therapy. A recording artist, Zach has produced his first album Walking Home, and a 30-minute EP single, Sacred Waters, as well as a single, Shaman, available on all major streaming platforms. He does sound healing events with his Reiki-infused flute sounds all around the United States, and has become known all around the world for his healing sounds. Click here to follow his daily performances on TikTok. To learn more about Zach’s background and what motivates him, read our cover story interview with him in BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine.