Episode 39: Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro — Meet our guests: Joellen Nicholson and Daniel Blake of University Impact

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What is the University Impact Triple DAF and how is it different from other donor-advised funds? The directors of this powerful company give us global insights.

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Today’s guests: Joellen Nicholson and Daniel Blake of University Impact

Our topic: Donor Advised Funds — how donors can have more impact

Rita will be talking with Joellen and Daniel about:  

  • What is the University Impact Triple DAF and how is it different from other donor-advised funds

  • Most DAF platforms aren’t set up for the return of capital. Why has your firm placed a priority on creating opportunities for donors to use their funds in impact investing?

  • How do you work with financial advisors in their clients, the donors, giving through the UI Triple DAF?

About Joellen: With more than 18 years of experience building shared value partnerships across sectors focused on inclusive value chains.  She has led marketing programs, partnerships, plus sustainability, and social impact initiatives with leading brands like Gap, Disney, and Macy’s.

As the Director of Programs at the nonprofit Nest, she supported business growth and social compliance for over 100 global MSMEs, with on-the-ground projects in India, Guatemala, Haiti, and Namibia. She also launched Nest’s Maker’s United program in Birmingham, AL, a multi-stakeholder initiative that galvanized local, regional, and national resources to support entrepreneurship and small business development for an inclusive US-based maker’s ecosystem.  In addition, Joellen co-founded basik 855, a social venture that developed a new co-creation model with Cambodian artisans.  As an advisor to start-ups and NGOs, Joellen consults on business models and program strategies that incorporate social impact and sustainability.

Joellen is a pro-bono advisor to Animaná | Hechos x Nosotros, a non-profit NGO with UN consultative status, that is advancing sustainable fashion in LATAM and inclusion of MSMEs.  Joellen holds an MSt in Social Innovation from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Supply Chain Management and Marketing from Michigan State University.

About Daniel: With a background in building and scaling startups, Daniel has been on the board for two companies that have sold to publicly traded companies. He founded his first company, EcoScraps. In 2010, he sold it to a Fortune 1,000 company (Scott’s Miracle-Gro). Daniel’s companies have created marketing campaigns that have driven millions of engagements in a matter of weeks, creating stories that garnered national (a cover story for Inc., Forbes, stories on Discovery Channel, etc.), and have led to deals with groups including the US State Dept., United Nations World Food Programme, Amazon, Google, some of the world’s largest food companies. He has done business with Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and Amazon. His products have sold approx. $100 million in retail sales.

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