February 6, 2024: Meet our 2024 National Conference Keynote Speaker Former Navy SEAL, author, and TV show host Don Mann

Dear USDLA friends: As we mentioned last week, our events committee has selected three speakers to share their insights and wisdom at our 2024 National Conference, including our Keynote Speaker — Navy Seal Don Mann.

The author of 22 motivational books and host of the Surviving Mann TV show, Don’s speaking savvy has earned him keynote appearances with organizations, including Daimler Chrysler, Frito-Lay, Merrill Lynch, Men’s Journal, and Wells Fargo.

During his presentation, we’ll learn: What did it take to become part of US Navy SEAL Team Six? How did one man achieve 1000+ endurance events—including two Ironman Triathlons in one day? What level of mental preparation does it take to climb Mt. Everest?

Don will also explain how to reach your limit—and then blow past it as he reveals the lessons he learned facing life’s most unimaginable challenges. “My goal is to have your perspective change forever,” explains Don, who will teach us to:

  • Adopt the Combat Mindset
  • Set attainable Micro and Macro Goals
  • Learning from Failure
  • Eliminate Excuses
  • And to know: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Click here to read our Q&A with Don to learn how this Navy SEAL faces his fears.

Find out more about Don’s speaking savvy here: speakerdonmann.com.

We know you’ll also learn a ton from these 2024 National Conference speakers:

Joe Sallustio, EdD, the co-author of the award-winning book “Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education,” and the host of the nation’s leading higher education podcast “The EdUp Experience.” Check out Dr. Joe and his show: joesallustio.com.

Dr. Robbie Melton, a long-time USDLA board member, is Tennessee State University’s acting interim vice president for academic affairs and associate vice president of SMART Global Technology Innovation Strategies. Click here to learn more about this award-winning educator.

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Note: When you register early, we’ll send you a free copy of Commencement! The Foreword of this special edition is by our Executive Director Pat Cassella. Click here for a preview. Watch Pat’s interview with authors Joe and Kate on the Distance Learning Roundtable show on USDLA.tv.

Questions about the National Conference? Contact our conference committee chairwoman, Bernadette Deamico: bdeamico@usdla.org.

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USDLA Sponsor of the Week: Virtual Care Group

Since its inception in 2014, The Virtual Care Group (VCG)has provided telehealth services to promote positive well-being outcomes among college communities nationwide. Its medical, mental, and psychiatric healthcare services are provided by Board-certified physicians, licensed counselors, and board-certified psychiatrists to support the needs of students, faculty, and staff at 100+ colleges and universities, providing safe, affordable, private, and convenient healthcare.

“Our passion is connecting the thousands of providers in our network with the students, faculty, and staff who need them most,” says Emily Pettit, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “To us, the process of seeking help, especially for urgent mental health needs, should be fast, easy, and unintimidating. We continue to strive to streamline our platform and remove obstacles so people in need will be more likely to seek and receive the help they require.”

Click here to learn more about the three pillars of The Virtual Care Group: ACCESS, EQUITY, and INCLUSION: thevirtualcaregroup.com

Click here to check out USDLA.tv and watch our USDLA interview with Emily!

Emily Pettit, vp, Virtual Care Group

And be sure to look for Emily at the 2024 National Conference in St. Louis! Click here to review the schedule of activities and events.

Special note: USDLA members will receive discount pricing, which is now available thanks to our exclusive partnership. Questions? Send an email to emily@thevirtualcaregroup.com.

About Emily: I have served on the Student Services frontline for 25 years at 2 and 4-year institutions, most recently as the Associate Vice President for Student Success and Title IX Coordinator at a university in Georgia. Using my degrees in Psychology and Counseling, I have enjoyed developing and implementing initiatives supporting student success – carefully attending to wellness and retention concerns. As the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Virtual Care Group, I shift my care and concern for students from the micro level (on campus) to the macro level (supporting colleges nationally) to focus on the well-being of ALL college students.


Learn more: www.HigherDive.com

Distance Learning Industry News: 3 state policy trends that will shape higher ed in 2024

Lawmakers have set their sights on restricting diversity, equity, and inclusion and eliminating degree requirements for government jobs, explains Laura Spitalniak, Staff Reporter news website Higher Dive.

in her January 30 article, Laura writes: “Higher education has become central to conversations about diversity, debt, hiring and the workforce. This year, colleges can expect a flurry of state bills and executive orders to address these topics and potentially reshape how the sector does business. That spans from policies aiming to boost college attainment to calls to restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on college campuses. While some of these moves have traditionally targeted public colleges, political influence in higher education is spreading, and leaders from private institutions now say they are facing similar external pressures.”

Click here to read about three state policy trends that colleges will be grappling with in 2024.