February Affirmations: Love Yourself, Love Others

By Cynthia de Lorenzi, co-author, Your What’s Next Journal.

Each month, we ask one of our Truly Amazing Women to share their Affirmations. This month, we couldn’t imagine a better woman to shine a light on than Lisa Farrell, director of sales at Sonesta Suites in Washington, DC. She recently contracted and healed from the coronavirus, but not before she spent weeks in the hospital struggling to breathe. We reached out to her as she was still struggling with pneumonia but resting comfortably at her home in Northern Virginia. As we celebrate the love month of February 2021, we send her tons of love and healing vibes.

Lisa’s Word of the Month: LIFE

  • I am thankful for this new day.
  • Today I will consciously keep stress at bay.
  • Right now is where I am
  • I am beautiful
  • Breathe

What do Affirmations mean to Lisa? They are a reminder of self-love.

How long have you been creating and reciting daily Affirmations? 5 years

What inspired her to start? The energy I feel every morning after reciting them.

What is the impact for Lisa? I decide what every day will be like.

Cynthia’s Word of the Month: FAMILY

For me, February is the month of love! My February affirmations are designed to ensure I am aligned and committed to ensuring that all I do, see, desire, and care for are about a heart-centered life grounded in living, being, and attracting the abundance of sweet love!

Cynthia’s Love and Loving Affirmations

  • I give, attract and receive abundant love easily.
  • Love’s energy surrounds me every day.
  • It is easy for me to love others.
  • I radiate love and acceptance to others.
  • It is safe and easy for me to receive and give love to others.
  • I ensure to make ample time, attention, and space for a loving relationship.
  • The love that I radiate makes me attractive and irresistible to others.
  • I am cherished and beautiful!
  • It is safe for my heart to be open and receptive to happiness, joy, and love.

Play with your Affirmations!

With each monthly Affirmation, we offer an Art Prompt. This month this project would be fun to do with watercolor paints and watercolor paper. But if you don’t have those, don’t worry, grab paper and something to write with.

  1. Draw and or paint two hearts melting together.
  2. Let the hearts flow. Be loose and fluid with your strokes as you draw or paint.
  3. That’s how love should be in all of our lives. Let it in, let it flow.
  4. As always, please email us a .jpg photo of your creation to our publisher.