On tonight’s episode of the Black Lives Matter Radio: Meet the founder of Kiln Global Coaching and Consult

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Feb. 28, 2021: A Note from Tony Farmer and Hope Katz Gibbs, hosts, Black Lives Matter Radio Show — Known as The Leadership Strategist, Galen Bingham is a Certified Executive Coach who offers insight from 30 years of operating experience with Fortune 500 companies and 5 years’ experience as a retail franchise owner.

He has led in industry-leading corporations like Kraft Foods, Imperial Sugar, and The Coca-Cola Company.

He is consistently sought to advise or serve on premiere non-profit boards where he provides oversight in governance, board development, CEO selection, and organizational leadership.

Galen is a published leadership author and has coached or consulted with over 875 senior executives, CEOs, and non-profit leaders across 7 countries.

As the founder of Kiln Global Coaching and Consulting, Galen is also a member of the BPI Group Coaching Cadre and host of the Leadership Toolbox and Whiskey, Jazz & Leadership podcast.

Be sure to check out our video interview, and learn more at galenbingham.com.