Introducing: The Black Lives Matter Radio Show

Hello, and welcome to the Black Lives Matter Radio Show. I’m Tony Farmer, your host! With me is Hope Katz Gibbs, the president and founder of The Inkandescent Group, and creator of Inkandescent Radio. Together we are launching a radio show designed to shine a light on people with important thoughts, insights and ideas about the Black Lives Matter movement, which has taken the country, and the world, by storm.

Hope: It is with great pleasure that in August 2020 we launch the Black Lives Matter Radio Show, and I’m thrilled to sit beside Tony as we speak with leaders from around the US who will help us explore topics, discuss challenges, and share their personal stories and experiences so we can learn together.

Tony: That’s right! The goal is for us to talk about ways we can all live together with more equality, peace, and love — which has been the mission of my life for decades. What’s more, is that Hope and I are at work creating a book featuring our interviews, coming in 2021.

Hope: Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Tony to get the conversation started!

First, let me tell you a little about him. Tony Farmer is a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with three decades of experience in the legal, corporate and public sector. We met in 2017 through a networking group, and I was so impressed by Tony that I invited him to join the Inkandescent Group, LLC to develop new projects for the company.

Mostly, Tony embodies what it means to be a skilled listener who helps those he counsels to be the best version of themselves. That’s why his certification as a life coach and founder of Full Armour Coaching has helped hundreds of clients overcome personal and professional barriers. His vast network throughout the country is testimony to his success as a relationship builder and connector.

Tony has a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland, University College and a MA in Public Administration from George Mason University. He is also a skilled facilitator and passionate public speaker. The native of Washington D.C., Tony resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters.

So when the Black Lives Matter movement started to grow in the spring of 2020, my first call was to Tony. I wanted to hear what he thought. So we will start there, and in the first podcast episode we’ll ask Tony to tell us:

  •  A little more about his background and thoughts on the current state of the BLM movement.
  • The meaning behind his understanding of “The Rules of the Street.”
  • How that experience has impacted how and his wife are raising their two beautiful daughters.
  • About his work as a life coach, minister, and entrepreneur, and how that will impact the interviews we do on our Black Lives Matter Radio Show.
  • And more!

Stay tuned for future episodes on the Black Lives Matter Radio Show where we’ll talk about these topics, and more: 

  • How did we get here? Where can and will we go?
  • The Rules of the Street: Find a weapon, hit back. Moving from survival to personal power — what’s your strategy?
  • Do you have a poverty mentality? How can you shift it?
  • Transition Period of Power: Where we are (politically, personally) and where we can / could / should / may go
  • What do you deserve?
  • How to Lean Into Your Fear: Knowing it, understanding it, embracing it, leaning into it
  • The Inner Workings of the Male Ego: How to manage the world in a brand-new way
  • Harness your Ninja Power
  • What Kinds of Superhero are you?
  • I am a Warrior: Now what?

Some of the people we’ll be interviewing will include: 

  • Dray Gardner, creator of the powerful yoga program Silent Savasana — Las Vegas, NV (pictured right)
  • Reggie Smith, executive director of the United States Distance Learning Association — Washington, DC
  • Siddeeq Shabazz, former NFL player and wellness coach — Las Cruces, NM
  • Collette Eccleston, pragmatic brain scientist — NYC
  • Michelle Alexander, Civil Rights attorney and author “The New Jim Crow” — NYC
  • Rachel Russell, author of “The Dork Diaries” series — Fairfax, VA
  • Bell Hooks, celebrated award-winning author, “Ain’t I a Woman”
  • Suzie Love, Swedish rock star and PhD student in education — Claremont, CA
  • Kimberly Lee Minor, founder, Bumbershoot — NYC
  • Sheri Hunter, author “Daring to Live”
  • Leaders of the Glide Memorial Foundation, which feeds and supports the homeless — San Francisco, CA
  • Johanna Reyes, founder of the powerful yoga project Melanin & Yoga — Richmond, VA (pictured above with one of her students)
  • Raven Johnson, MA Math student — Los Angeles, CA
  • Chef Tre Agee, founder of the popular cooking blog Black Zodiac at #WellFedRVA — Richmond, VA
  • And many more!

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