January 12, 2021: Welcome to Tracy Schott’s Voices4Change Show

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio Join Tracy Schott's Revolution: End Intimate Partner Violence

In this introductory interview, you'll learn why Tracy Schott became an advocate to end domestic violence in 2011 — and what you can do to join the fight.

Hello, and welcome to the introductory episode of the Voices4Change Radio Show on the Inkandescent™ Radio Network. I’m producer Hope Katz Gibbs. In this episode, you’ll meet your host, award-winning filmmaker Tracy Schott.

She has become famous for her work with “Finding Jenn’s Voice,” a deep dive into the stories of domestic violence survivors who help us find solutions to putting an end to this worldwide epidemic.

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  • You’ll learn about the organization Tracy has created to end domestic violence: Voices4Change
  • You’ll learn more about her journey to direct and produce Finding Jenn’s Voice
  • Tracy will give you insight into the goal of the Voices4Change Radio Show
  • And, she’ll give you a preview of some of the guests that will be on the show — which airs live on our social media channels every Tuesday at noon, EST

About Tracy Schott: