January 16, 2024: Public Policy Week Starts Today!

Happy Tuesday, friends — We are so excited that our first annual Public Policy Week (PPW) starts today: Jan. 16-19.

For more than three decades, USDLA has been helping to shape public policy regarding digital and distance learning. This year, our free virtual conference will continue to bring awareness to the policies on the table in Washington, DC, that could impact our industry.

Click here to learn about our speakers and, if you haven’t already, to register for the conference: usdla.org/2024-ppw

Also today:

We’ll reach out again on Thursday with our USDLA Brief. Until then, have a beautiful week! — Hope Katz Gibbs, USDLA Communications Director

USDLA SPONSORS: This week’s Sponsor Shout-Out goes to Viewsonic!

As Director of Product Management at ViewSonic, Stan Ueno attended the 2023 USDLA National Conference to showcase the company’s new Universe product.

“ViewSonic is historically known as a display technology company,” explains Stan, noting that the company has a huge presence in this space. “Universe is a software-based product and a big departure for ViewSonic because it offers a virtual 3D environment where learners and educators are represented by avatars and interact with each other as avatars. We’re providing a space where educators and learners can interact in that 3D space and conduct and participate in classes.”

The new product aims to bring elements of in-person learning to an online environment, he insists. “We’re hoping to increase engagement, trying to enhance collaboration and foster a sense of belonging for students,” he adds. “Bringing the human element to an online environment is so important as the future of AI evolves.”

Learn more: www.viewsonic.com

Watch our video interview with Stan Ueno here.

INDUSTRY NEWS: What’s in the AI Literacy Act, and how will it impact you?

The bipartisan legislation co-introduced by Rep. Blunt Rochester aims to make understanding AI a basic part of digital literacy.

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming part of everyday life, so much so that federal lawmakers are taking steps to ensure equitable access to learning and using the technology.

On Dec. 15, Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware, along with Rep. Larry Bucshon of Indiana, introduced the bipartisan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy Act — a move we called one of the AI news stories to watch in 2024.

What’s actually in the act, and how will it impact you? The AI Literacy Act is fairly straightforward. It aims to:

  1. Classify AI as a necessary part of digital literacy
  2. Make AI literacy accessible via public schools, colleges, universities and libraries

The first part will require an amendment to the Digital Equity Act of 2021, which defines digital literacy and identifies areas that need addressing to help close the digital divide. Once AI is established as something that people should be equitably educated about, it focuses on five main areas.

Click here to read the entire article in Technical.ly News.