July 2, 2023: I used to be a control freak

It was exhausting work.  While I’m still not one for sitting around waiting for life to happen, I no longer try to control the process of ‘how’ the things I want will show up.  Sound passive?  It isn’t.

We’re energetic beings.  In fact, each of our cells hold 1.4 volts of electricity.  Times that by 50 trillion cells, that’s 700 trillion volts of electricity in our body.  That’s a lot of power.  So, it isn’t about controlling our outside environment, but harnessing our inside environment.  Our thoughts. Our emotions.  Not always an easy task.  Nor is it for the weak.  It’s for those strong enough to create change from within while standing solid in their conviction.  And change can be a messy process as a clear path is paved to our destination.

I’ve learned that while I can’t control who or what does or doesn’t show up in my life, I can control how I perceive it.  If it’s something I really desire, I simply keep moving forward.  If something gets left behind in the process, I don’t look back.  I’m not going that way.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll catch up.

HAPPY SUNDAY — Coach Alexis