July 6, 2023: USDLA Brief — We are less than 2 weeks to the National Conference!

We are so excited! USDLA’s 2023 National Conference is less than 2 weeks away: July 17-20

We know you won’t want to miss any of our amazing speakers at this year’s national conference at the gorgeous Wyndham Orlando Resort — including Amrit Ahluwalia, editor-in-chief at The EvoLLLution: A Modern Campus Illumination, who will teach us how to buck enrollment trends. Be sure to have brunch and listen to his keynote presentation on Thursday, July 20, at 11:30 pm. And click here to learn more about Amrit and his work on this episode of the Distance Learning Roundtable.

We’ll see you soon! — The USDLA Communications team

Be sure to check out this session, Thursday, July 20 at 9 am: Global Perspectives of Distance Education and Emerging Trends

Presenters: Sandra Kučina Softić, SRCE – University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre (pictured right), Farah Bennani, and Kae Novak

About the session: This four compass points roundtable will guide participants through a discussion of emerging topics to include the possibilities and advancements in XR mixed reality, artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)s, and how we want to use these tools, the concept of imaginaries and divergent thinking to shape global education.

In this presentation, we will:

  • Discuss VR, AR, AI, DAOs, and other emerging technologies and how they will shape the future.
  • Identify the next steps participants can take to start to integrate these technologies
  • Each person will take turns sharing thoughts on what is exciting, what is worrisome, what is the current stance or opinion, and what else we need to know.

Don’t miss it! Click here to check out or entire conference schedule-at-a-glance.

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