Welcome to Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine — the online publication dedicated to bringing you interviews with the people, organizations, products, and services that will feed and fuel your mind, body, spirit, and soul. The point is, we’re all heart — we sometimes just need some serious support.

I’m Hope Katz Gibbs, creator of The Inkandescent™ Group — and this is the newest division of the communications firm I founded in 2008. In the decade that I ran my PR and publishing company, I utilized the tools of education and storytelling to help my clients build trust and increase their visibility and bottom lines. Not only was I consistently putting to work my years as a reporter, and my MA in educational leadership — I was figuring out how to help everyone harness the power of distance learning through my big hairy impossible dream: Inkandescent Learning.

As a dear friend once told me, “how we do anything is how we do everything.”

So in 2018, I decided to turn my firm into a full-throttle distance learning company — complete with online classes, workshops, and events focused on women, wellness, and kids: Inkandescent™ Learning.

My team and I gave birth to Inkandescent Women magazine in the winter of 2019, which gives new bones to the Truly Amazing Women project that I created in 2008: www.InkandescentWomen.com.  In the fall of 2019, we’ll launch our K-12 kids project, which includes an online magazine for kids, by kids, about kids: www.InkandescentKids.com.

Today, on the first day of spring 2019, we give you Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine. In addition to bringing you insights into how you can amp up your health and wellness initiatives, this site is also a portal to Your Well — our pop-up yoga, dance, fitness and coaching initiative that brings movement and mindfulness classes to restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, spas, nonprofits, corporations, hotels, events, and more. We’ve gone from one venue in Richmond in January to nearly a dozen this month, and we are thrilled to report that our reach continues to grow.

Indeed, we have put Your Well on Wheels and are adding more teachers and business partners each week! Click here to meet our team!And be sure to check out their columns, which will be featured in each issue of this magazine.

“Our goal is to get as many bodies as possible moving, eating well, and feeling good,” says my daughter Anna, 23, who after graduating from VCUarts co-founded Your Well with me.

Together, we are working to bridge the gap between the Millennials, GenX and Boomers, by finding the common denominators that link us all. We are building on our own training — I’m a Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and massage therapist; and Anna teaches a powerful flow and meditation class called Sweat & Surrender, as well as yoga to kids, and is a wellness coach who since 2018 has helped dozens of clients. And, we are reaching out to hundred more teachers, coaches, and experts to share their skills with our growing network of members.


Become a Member: For $20/month (or $200/year) members have access to all of our classes online from movement to mindfulness, lunch & learns, workshops, and more. You get discounts to all of our in-person classes — and get additional discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions ranging from fitness to nutrition, and life coaching, too. Sign up for a year and receive a free t-shirt, yoga mat, and tote compliments of Your Well!

Become an Inkandescent teacher or coach: For $50/month ($500/year) our teachers get promoted and booked to teach classes at our growing number of venues and events where you’ll earn income. Each teacher gets a page on our website, and we shoot and introductory video to introduce you to our network. And, we create videos of your classes that are catalogued on our website for our members to watch at their convenience. For each view, you earn additional revenue.

Try us for free: Each of our in-person classes is streamed on Facebook and Instagram for anyone to participate in from the comfort of their homes. Our events are posted on the website, and announced on our social media pages. So check out our calendar, then log on to work out with us.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to see how you can become a part of this exciting project: hope@hopegibbs.com / 703-346-6975.

We look forward to meeting you at Your Well!  — Hope Katz Gibbs, president, The Inkandescent™ Group, LLC