The End of Sexism: Filmmakers Sue Lange and Rachel Ofori join Tracy Schott to talk about ending sexism and the power of movies like their upcoming film, “Le Bon Chef”

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Learn what these three truly amazing women are cooking up with their new film, Le Bon Chef!

July 2021: A Note from filmmaker Tracy Schott, creator Voices4Change and director/producer “Finding Jenn’s Voice” and Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Be Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine Don’t miss today’s episode of the Voices4Change Show, where you’ll meet two powerful female filmmakers who are my partners in our newest movie venture, Le Bon Chef.

About today’s show: Each episode of the Voices4Change show focuses on stopping the global epidemic of intimate partner abuse. Starting with this episode, we begin shining light on the broader topic of sexism. In Le Bon Chef, we introduce you to Vivienne Martine, a French chef at the top of her game. Unfortunately, they changed the rules, and she must look at her role in a male-dominated industry and world to find her place and decide on her next steps. Click here to watch the promotion for the film!

BIG NEWS: Le Bon Chef script wins Best Script from 2021 Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition! Please scroll down to learn more about the movie and its collaborators.

About Le Bon Chef: In a social media-driven, vegan-eating millennial universe, a legendary chef must go to extremes to save her fiercely traditional French restaurant from bankruptcy. Vivienne Martin runs Le Bon Chef, a top Michelin-3-star French restaurant. A cast of characters aids her straight out of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential.” Ricardo, the Spanish Maitre ‘d who thinks he’s French. Lacey, the creole sous chef, can’t keep gumbo from creeping into the sauce. Dennis, the temporary waiter, never seems to leave. Shamin, the permanent waitress, never seems to show up. Hien, the silent dishwasher, and Marge, the hefty delivery gal, hopelessly infatuated with Vivienne. They’re about to go down with the ship until an old friend, the fabulous Celine (15 million Facebook friends), enters to drag Vivienne kicking and screaming into the 21st Century — in other words, get her a hard-core social media Distribution Plan strategy! It’s sink-or-swim time for Le Bon Chef.

About Sue Lange: A writer and producer with an unhealthy addiction to French food, Sue still remembers her first Crepe Suzette and has been known to travel to Paris just for a plate of ratatouille. When she’s not scouting the landscape for a slice of quiche, she creates films. Her first feature film, DUST NUGGETS, was released in early 2020 on Amazon’s Prime Video. She has produced and written several short films, including TRAFFIC OPERA (2018), nominated for Best Short Film at Nice International Film Festival, the award-winning A PERFECT YOU (2017), PRINCESS DANCER (2011), and JUMP (2010).

She is also the writer/producer of the YouTube series of short films, AMAZING BERKS.

Sue is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced across the country. She has created a large body of written work, including the novels We Robot, Tritcheon Hash, The Textile Planet, The Perpetual Motion Club, and short stories and newspaper columns, which are available throughout the universe.

About Rachel K. Ofori:

Rachel is a highly motivated, creative professional that fosters not only the art of this business but its productivity— working in varied vocations of entertainment and film for over the past decade. She is a published award-winning writer, a former on-air personality for ABC with the Philadelphia Eagles. She has worked on projects ranging from local PBS commercials to studio and independent feature films.

Before focusing her career solely on film and TV, she was a  former Director of Personnel and event producer for events such as the US Open golf and tennis, the PGA tour, pharmaceutical launches, and the Super Bowl.  She also moonlights as a post-production producer for Adobe, Get Kinetic, Smash Entertainment, and a host of creative works through her company, The Audacity Inc.

Her goal for all endeavors is excellence. Through a tenacious work ethic, her aptitude for business, and her belief in integrity and team effort, Rachel looks to identify avenues and critical relationships to meet that goal continuously.

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