Meet the author of “The Legacy He Left Me:” Lovern Gordon, founder, Love Life Now Foundation

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In Lovern Gordon's new book, "The Legacy He Left Me," you'll learn about her journey of domestic abuse — from victim to activist.

A Note from Tracy Schott, host, Voices4Change Show — We are honored to invite you to listen to today’s interview on the weekly show by filmmaker Tracy Schott,

Today’s guest: Lovern Gordon, founder of the Love Life Now Foundation, an organization based near Boston, Mass., which promotes year-round awareness against domestic violence to bridge the gap between the shelters where women and their children go as a safe space and what they do next.

Lovern is also the author of a new book, “The Legacy He Left Me,” which is an extension of LLN’s year-round work and chronicles our Founder’s personal story as a child witness, and an adult survivor, who is thriving after abuse and how Love Life Now Foundation came about.

Tracy shares: Lovern was born and raised on the island of Trinidad till she was 15. She was the 2010 winner of two back-to-back USA beauty pageants where she used titles while promoting increased awareness of domestic abuse. The following year she founded the Love Life Now Foundation. Lovern herself has intimate experience with domestic violence as a 15-year child witness to it in Trinidad and as an adult survivor of a 2-year relationship with an abusive partner in the US.

Lovern insists: “I believe the more we all talk about this painful issue publicly the better the change that more victims of domestic violence can and will seek help.”

About Tracy’s show: With the goal of ending intimate partner violence, Tracy’s documentary “Finding Jenn’s Voice,” brought to light the horrifying fact that one of the leading causes of death during pregnancy is homicide. Determined to stop the international devastation, the Pennsylvania-based entrepreneur has launched a weekly podcast/video series to shine a light on the survivors and experts around the world who are working toward the same goal.

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