Yellow: Glow Like the Sun with your Naval Chakra — Manipura

The ability to feel in control of your life starts in the gut. Located behind your navel, envision this Chakra full of sunshine, for it is in balance when you feel calm about your present and in control of your future.

Radiate confidence and your solar plexus will glow.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura

Necklace: (Pictured right) Large yellow glass beads are specked with flecks of color that catch the light. This unique necklace connects with an antique gold clasp $50.

Glow Necklace and Earring Set: Yellow glass chicklet beads are strung with round dark red ceramic beads on gold-plated wire. A unique Asian coin dangles at the bottom for a classic, elegant look. Matching earrings dangle from gold-plated wires, $65

Necklace: Can be sold separately, $50

Earrings: Can be sold separately, $20

Design Your Own: Colors can be changed to suit your preference. Earrings are sold as wires or posts. The set can also be designed in silver.