Take the journey with passion and power: Master the art of living juicy

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When it comes to wisdom and insight, Truly Amazing Woman Lisa Lucca has much to share. From her life experiences and years spent as a life coach, we encourage everyone to read her books and tune in to her weekly New Mexico-based radio show. Check out her interview.

By Cynthia de Lorenzi, co-author, Your What’s Next Journal

Each month, I love thinking of the one word that describes how I’m feeling, what I wish for, and what I need to learn from. As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March 2021, the word that describes this month for me is: FLOW.

If you a fan of our monthly What’s Next Journal, you’ll know that my co-author Hope Katz Gibbs and I include a series of Affirmations to guide you to create your own. Mine are listed below.

You’ll also find a series of Affirmations by our dear friend and colleague Lisa Lucca. She is a life coach, author, and radio host who paid Hope and me the honor of being featured on her wonderful radio show. Take a listen to that episode here, and scroll down to learn more about — and from — Lisa.

Wishing you light, love, and flow! 

Cynthia de Lorenzi, co-author, Your What’s Next Journal www.Cynthia.art

Cynthia’s Affirmations: Flow with it

  • It is easy for me to let life flow like a river holding on to what is good for me and letting go of what I do not need!
  • I enjoy the feeling of life flowing through me as a beautiful stream flows along with the earth.
  • My body relaxes whenever I know I am in the flow.
  • I am free to go with the flow of the universe and know that I am always in the right place at the right time.
  • Everything I need and want flows easily into my life.
  • It is easy to let go of negative energy that deprives me of my own universal flow.
  • It is easy for me to find bliss in the natural flow of life.
  • Money, joy, love, and everything I need that serves my greatest good flows easily to me.

Lisa Lucca, life coach, and radio show host Live True

Meet Lisa Lucca and Live True

About Lisa: Life Coach Lisa Lucca brings meaningful topics, interesting guests, and tools of the life coaching trade to help you create the life you want in the life you have. Listeners will be invited to call in to join the conversation about living true to yourself in life, work, and love.

Lisa’s career as a Professional Certified Coach began after a job layoff post-9/11 led her to meet her first life coach, gaining so much from the experience that she went back to school for certification. She has served as a Success Coach for eWomen Network, which named her one of the top coaches in North America. In nearly two decades, Lisa has brought her insight, intelligence, humor, and an occasional kick in the pants to help hundreds of people follow their dreams and make the choice to create the life they want.

Having been a guest on numerous radio shows, Lisa took her turn on the host mic at KTAL.

Also a prolific writer, Lisa has authored several award-winning essays, is a BlogHer Voice of The Year recipient, and with her partner, Mark Mathias, the co-author of You Are Loved…an Email Memoir. Lisa relocated with Mark from the Bay Area to Las Cruces in early 2018.

“I love the beauty, lifestyle, and most of all, the people of southern New Mexico,” she shares.

Lisa’s Affirmations: How to Live Juicy

  • I have mastered the art of living juicy in mind, body, and spirit.
  • I cultivate abundance in every way that serves me and others.
  • I cultivate gratitude in all areas of my life.
  • I practice healthy nutrition, fitness, sleep, and spiritual habits.
  • I write regularly and hone my craft, leading to the lucrative publication of my work.
  • I attract the publishing industry champion who will help facilitate the publication of my memoir.
  • I serve my coaching clients with vitality, wisdom, generosity, and respect.
  • I practice grace in all my relationships, starting with my Self.

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