May 22, 2-3pm ET: Journal to Celebrate with Alina Liao, Zenit Journals

Alina says: Celebration is a powerful form of self-care, resilience, and of resistance. In our fast-paced world that often makes us feel not enough, it’s hard to celebrate. But you are worthy of celebrating yourself, your culture, your communities, and the natural world around you. In this hour together, we’ll use guided meditation, journaling, and affirmations to celebrate!

When: May 22, 2-3 pm EST. Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll get a calendar invite with the Zoom info.

Price: $15

Click here to sign up: Please use the code COMMUNITY during checkout for your one free ticket!

About Alina: A proud daughter of immigrants and a resident of Washington, DC, Alina is the founder and CEO of the radical wellness company Zenit, Alina is on a mission to make wellness accessible to everyone. Having struggled with mental health challenges and the belief that “wellness isn’t for me,” Alina is working towards a world where we can all feel pride and joy in taking care of our well-being, especially in communities of color. With Zenit, Alina makes customized journals and provides journaling workshops that make it easier for people to gain the mental wellness benefits of journaling. Alina has a background in trauma-informed, culturally responsive mental health coaching. She has over a decade of experience building teams and programs that have advanced the wellness of employees, customers, and communities. Alina is an avid practitioner and kids program teacher of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art outside work. Find your next journal: