Kitchen Yoga: Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body, and Life

“A spoonful of sequences for the stay-at-home yogi” is the main course of this amazing book by Melanie Salvatore-August. This Italian-American with a passion for food and yoga is warm, inclusive, practical — and filled with joy for life.

With her early years as a classically-trained actor, writer, and theatre producer, today she is a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher who creates offerings that she says “cultivate joy, personal growth and freedom elevating everyday challenges, humor, and spirit into one.”

So it’s no surprise that she has created this book — an ideal companion for the everyday yogi.

While there are no food-related recipes in the tome, what makes this book so sweet is Melanie’s collection of yoga sequences that can be done just about anywhere in your home, from the kitchen to the bath and bedroom.

Plus, the sweet and simple illustrations (by Rose Wright) and affirmations, and more make Kitchen Yoga the keeping keep the heart physically and emotionally healthy.

“My goal is to offer an inspiring twist on integrating yoga routines into your day-to-day,” Melanie shares.

Sounds yummy, right? 

Here’s more. In the introduction to Kitchen Yoga, Melanie explains what motivates her.

“I love to love. My family is love, food is love, and yoga is love. The center of my home, where I enjoy much of this love, is my kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, and yoga is about keeping the heart healthy, both physically and emotionally. My yoga practice is about nourishment and using my highest intentions as food to fuel the vital energy of my ideal life.”

The ancient practice of yoga is not just for the special few who have the time or luxury to devote hours each day to this once-secret health practice, she insists.

“Yoga—the art of United mind, body, and spirit—is actually a way of everyday living. It is a practice that creates the healthiest, happiest, most intentional person possible, and everyone has access.”

Inside Kitchen Yoga

Throughout the book, you’ll find poses that Melanie has cooked up to bring the benefits of yoga to your daily life. In addition to sweet illustrations of poses by Rose Wright and a feast of easy-to-follow yoga recipes for the mind and body, the author guides us through:

  •  a modified Down Dog while awaiting the morning coffee
  • Locust pose in the living room
  • detox practices in the bathroom
  • relaxation exercises for nighttime yoga in bed
  • daily affirmations to fuel transformation

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And be sure to visit her website to learn more about this amazing teacher: