November 21, 2023: USDLA News — Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Thanksgiving week, dear USDLA friends!

In the spirit of spreading gratitude: Today we bring you the opportunity to register for two more webinars December 6 and December 8. Scroll down for details!

We also are happy to share presentations from European Open and Digital Learning Week (EODLW) 2023. Click here to watch!

Access USDLA National Distance Learning Week: Until Dec. 15, members can view our 2023 NDLW presentations and access materials in our Zoom room:

Our distance learning colleagues at the Northeast Digital Learning Association (NEDLA) are hosting a webinar on Nov. 29, 6pm EST: The topic, “Moving Beyond Email in 2024,” will presented by Zach Magnum, co-founder and CEO of Pronto. Register here:

We’ll reach out again on Thursday with our USDLA Brief. Until then, have a wonderful week!Hope Katz Gibbs, USDLA communications director

Dec 6, 2023, 1-2pm EST

Al Pisano teaches us about being AI Educated

About the session: Join us for this engaging presentation to explore the real-world implementation of AI in education. This presentation provides educators with practical knowledge about AI education and its potential transformative impact. Learn about AI fundamentals, using AI as an instructional tool for personalized learning, reimagining assessment with AI, ethical considerations for student use of AI, and administrative uses of AI for streamlining tasks and decision-making processes.

About the presenter: Al Pisano is a versatile professional with extensive experience in the education and corporate sectors. He is a presenter, thought leader, author, innovator, entrepreneur, administrator, curriculum developer, and consultant. With a background in K-12 and higher education, Al has created and taught numerous programs and courses in educational leadership, technology, business, and more. He has also established successful businesses focused on leadership development and program design. Al has collaborated with influential stakeholders at companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon and is a published author of The Collective Mindset: A Roadmap for Continuous Innovation and Mindful Change. His breadth of experience allows him to provide valuable perspective and insight in various domains.

Register here:

Dec 8, 2023, 1-2pm EST

Jenny Gordon explains: Reframing Assessment: Using video for feedback and authenticity

About the session: Traditional assessment methods often fall short in capturing students’ true abilities and fostering authentic learning experiences. In this webinar, Jenny will explore innovative approaches to assessment in education. Join us to discover how video can provide a richer and more holistic understanding of student performance. Learn about the benefits of incorporating video assessment into teaching practices and how it can empower students to showcase their skills and knowledge in a meaningful way. This webinar is a must-attend for educators, instructional designers, and anyone interested in transforming assessment strategies to better align with the demands of today’s educational landscape.

About the presenter: In her role at GoReact, Jenny leads the company’s strategic and tactical efforts to expand into new markets, bringing skills-based learning through adoption of video feedback and assessment to new users all around the world. Jenny has worked within all phases of education to successfully implement educational technology solutions intended to improve learning outcomes for 20 years. Having onboarded more than 2,000 schools in London as part of the government’s personalized learning agenda, Jenny went on to work with K12, FE and HE institutions throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Central Europe creating the largest community network on a single LMS. Joining Pearson Education in 2009, Jenny was recognised as a Future Leader before heading up the digital platforms revenue and marketing teams. Jenny spent five years developing e-learning content and solutions for learners in Africa, building solutions for hard to reach communities, while enabling governments and major donors to measure learning impact over time. Jenny was honored by Impact Network for work done to improve learning opportunities in Zambia in 2019. Jenny’s passion for learning and the industry continues to be synonymous with her work.

Register here: