Episode 5: Dr. Peter Noonan, superintendent Falls Church City Public Schools, VA, talks about the future of K-12 learning on the Distance Learning Roundtable

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio How K-12 educators dealt with the pandemic and what the future of learning looks like for America's superintendents

The COVID pandemic was not something public and private K-12 schools were prepared for. In this month's episode, Dr. Peter Noonan tell us about his district's experience, and the future of K-12 online education. Don't miss it!

February 2023: A Note from USDLA executive director Pat Cassella and Edu Alliance Group exec Dean HokeWe invite you to tune in for this month’s episode of our podcast and video show, Distance Learning Roundtable, where for 30 minutes, we gain insights from industry experts.

Today’s Topic: How K-12 educators dealt with the pandemic and what the future of learning looks like for America’s superintendents

Dean and Pat ask Peter: 

  • Dean: Tell our viewers and listeners about the Falls Church Public City Schools. Can you give us a profile of the district and its student population?
  • Pat: In our conversations with school districts across the country, the COVID pandemic was not something public and private K-12 schools were prepared for, especially in providing education in a virtual world. Can you tell us about your district experience and how you took on this monumental challenge ranging from students to teachers to parents?
  • Dean: Did you have champions within your schools who could help others in this different type of teaching?
  • Pat: Tell our audience about your district’s current use of educational technology post-pandemic, and you told us before the show about a unique use of distance learning for some of your students.
  • Dean: Peter, you came from the teaching ranks before moving into administration and then being a superintendent. You started your career as a special ed teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and were named Teacher of the Year in 1993. Teaching in Special Ed requires a much more individualistic approach for the students. How did being a special ed teacher help you be a Superintendent and a leader?
  • Pat: Peter, we would like to know your thoughts about the future of distance learning in the K-12 world both from an educational technology perspective and, more importantly, as a teaching tool

About our Guest: ​After an extensive, nationwide search, the Falls Church City School Board selected Dr. Peter Noonan as the ninth Superintendent of Falls Church City Public Schools in May 2017.

Dr. Noonan began his career as a special education teacher in New Mexico, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 1993. Most recently, Dr. Noonan served as Superintendent for Fairfax City Public Schools after serving for 11 years in the Fairfax County Public Schools division. At Fairfax County, he was assistant principal at Langley High School, principal at Lanier Middle School and Centreville High School, and assistant superintendent for Cluster VII schools. Finally, Dr. Noonan was the assistant superintendent for the Instructional Services Department, overseeing academic programs for the system’s 180,000 students.

Dr. Noonan has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of New Mexico. He also completed studies to obtain the education specialist designation in educational administration. He completed his doctorate in education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

Learn more about Dr. Noonan and the Fall Church Public Schools at www.fccps.org.

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