Pranic Healer Danièlle Fouché Leonard will help you center, clear, and discover your best life

Why did Danièlle Fouché Leonard leave a successful career as an IT exec? “I followed a higher spiritual calling with the help of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, becoming a Certified Associate Pranic Healer and Solar Design Consultant,” explains the native of South Africa who in 2019 established a Pranic Healing group in Richmond, VA.

“Arhatic Yoga is an advanced yoga system given by Mahaguruji Mei Ling to Master Choa Kok Sui and has its origins in China, India, and Tibet,” shares Danielle. “In addition to being an advanced technique practiced by Spiritual Initiates, it synthesizes and integrates the 7 yogas: Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Gnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga, and simplified Hatha yoga. This advanced yoga system or bridge to spirituality and enlightenment transforms the practitioner physically, etherically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

Pranic Healing — another highly evolved and tested system — was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui is Pranic Healing, an energy medicine that utilizes prana, or vital “life force” energy, to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

“As an art and science, this practice was also widely practiced in ancient civilizations in China, Egypt and India,” said Danielle, who uses Pranic Healing to assist a person’s natural healing mechanisms by removing diseased energies from the patient’s invisible energy body and by transferring fresh, vital energy (Prana) to the affected areas with the use of the hands and crystals.

Giving back and reaching out are essential to Danièlle’s life. In addition to healing, spiritual coaching, and daily meditation practice, she volunteers weekly in the community kitchen at Feedmore.

Danièlle also helps Integrated Power Sources of Virginia convert homes and organizations to solar renewable energy and helps run the Richmond Region Energy Alliance non-profit. This organization helps other nonprofits, local governments, public schools, residential homeowners, and commercial businesses in Virginia with their transition to solar energy.

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