December 2021: Self Care Journaling Tips from Zenit

By Alina Liao, founder, Zenit

We know it can be hard to journal. Where do I start? How do I do it? How do I keep it up? You’re not alone. All of our wellness journals and self-care journaling offerings are designed for folks who want to journal but find it hard. Here are some tips for diving into your journaling…

Ways to Journal

There are different ways to journal. You get to find ways that work for you. Here are a few!

  • Write in free flow of consciousness – whatever comes to mind, write it out as it comes to mind. It’s ok if you end up wandering or jumping around in your journaling.
  • Go deep – choose one thing that comes to mind and focus on that. Start with what you’re experiencing on the surface, then dig deeper in your journaling.
  • Write in lists or lines – list out what comes to mind on a topic, or write in lines. Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, we all have natural poetry in us.
  • Write in letters – this could be letters to yourself, your future self, your past self, someone you love, a stranger, the world, the universe, something in nature, an object, a scenery, etc.

Tips for Keeping Consistent

It can be hard to keep up our self-care journaling in our busy lives. Here are some simple tips:

  • alina liao with her custom wellness journal by zenit for self care journaling and book and coffee

    Attach it to a habit. Think of a habit you already have, like your morning coffee or tea, your afternoon snack, or your bedtime routine, and attach your self-care journaling to that habit.

  • Be intentional with your space. Keep devices closed or away. If you like to be in nature, step outside or face a window. Use your “comfort things” like scented candles, essential oils, blankets, chill music, etc.
  • Make your self-care journaling personal and give your journaling a purpose with guide prompts that speak to you. You can shop wellness journals with prompts, customize your personalized wellness journal with prompts that speak to you, or use our Zen Texts to get a weekly or daily journal prompt and affirmation sent to you over a text message.
open custom wellness journal by zenit with guided journaling prompts for self care journaling, with hand about to write and candle

Mantras for Letting Your Pen Flow

Between self-judgment, self-doubt, and self-criticism, we can be our own block in journaling our thoughts and feelings. Here are some simple mantras to help you breathe, exhale, give yourself permission to be, let your pen flow, and let your heart flow…

“Let it go…”

Let go of pressure to write “well” or write any type of way. Don’t worry about how your writing sounds in your self care journaling. You’re only writing for you.

“Be you”

Write in a way that’s natural to you. You don’t have to contrive anything in your self care journaling. You can write how you talk, or write how the words come to you as you think. Even if you jump around, it’s all good.

custom wellness journal open on lap with journal entry to guided prompts for self care journaling. white mug on ledge. green grass in the background“Quantity over quality”

You don’t have to have a breakthrough every time you journal. Sometimes, our self care journaling is perfectly mundane. You’re not proving anything with your self care journaling. You’re simply allowing yourself to check in with you, be with your thoughts and feelings, and get to know yourself more deeply.

Finally, be kind to yourself! You don’t have to be at 100% with our self care journaling. Give yourself some slack. If you ever drop off, you can always pick it back up. Your Zenit never expires.

Feel it, write it, Zenit.

Ready to dive in?

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