September 19, 2023: USDLA News Discover 2023 Trends in Distance Learning

Happy Tuesday, USDLA friends!

If you missed last week’s Free Friday webinar, Trends in Distance Learning — or if you’d like to see it again — click here to watch, listen, and learn! Our presenters include (from top left to bottom right) — USDLA president Chuck Sengstock, USDLA Advisory Board member Dr. William Ryan, USDLA State Chapters Chair Erica Bell, and USDLA Public Policy Committee Chair Alexandra Salas. Our moderator is President-Elect Valary Oleinik. Click here to read the transcript from the webinar!

Mark your calendar:

  • Sept. 26, Noon Eastern GoReact webinar, “Mastering Assignment Makeovers: Strategies to Enrich Instruction” — Are you considering revising assignments to ensure students aren’t circumventing learning with AI tools? Scroll down for details and click here to register for GoReact’s exclusive webinar.
  • Sept. 28, 6pm: NEDLA Webinar, “Out of this world — Teaching STEAM with Music,” presented by music educator and NASA Space Station Ambassador Laurie Orth.
  • National Distance Learning Week is Nov. 6-10. Click here for more information.
  • March 1, 2024: Save the Date — The New Jersey Distance Education Affinity Group (NJDEAG), a committee of the New Jersey Community College Council (NJCCC), is proud to present its second annual distance education conference.Learn about technological innovation, research, and practical and effective pedagogical practices for various distance education modalities, including fully online courses, hybrid/blended, concurrent/blended synchronous, remote, and hyflex. Find details below and learn more at
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We’ll be back in touch on Thursday with our USDLA Brief. —  USDLA Communications Committee