Anna Gibbs

Hi! My name is Anna. I teach an hour-long class called “Sweat and Surrender,” which is great for beginners, and intermediate students, who want to stretch, push themselves enough to sweat, then end the class with a deep relaxing meditation. I always come around as you are in Shavasana (aka: corpse pose) with a little stress-relieving aromatherapy oil to help you stay centered as you leave and embark on the rest of your day.

I am also excited to offer my wellness-coaching program, Wellness by Anna Banana. My goal is to help clients become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself by creating the life they want to live — from the inside out.

That looks different for everyone, of course, so I focus on the three main pillars of health: nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional well being.

In my program, I work with clients for 6 weeks / twice a week, starting with:

    • Assessments: We start with a conversation to set daily / weekly / monthly / and long-term goals.
    • Checklists: We create checklists to determine how you’ll reach every goal, then we start taking those steps together.
    • A plan of action: I set you up on a fitness and nutrition plan, and we do a workout and check-in on your progress — including helping you with mindset shifts and coping mechanisms to stay on track.
    • Your partner-in-Wellness: My goal is to keep you accountable through regular check-ins to help you through rough spots, and keep you on your wellness path.

My wellness journey began when I decided to take control over my body, mind — and my life. The first step was to get control of my eating and fitness habits so I could find freedom within them.

At the time, I was a full-time nanny after graduating with a BFA in photography and film from VCUarts. I was also struggling with deep insecurity, isolation, anxiety and depression.

Then, one day I woke up and decided none of that had to be my truth. I had the power to change everything. So I did.

I basically turned my entire life and entire being inside out and upside down. I began making myself sweat every day and learned to nourish my body properly. Out of sheer will power, those new habits and became my daily routine. Within weeks, I saw a dramatic difference. I felt strong and capable. I felt powerful. I felt fit. I was no longer hungry for unhealthy food.

Soon, my body longed to sweat daily. This new wellness routine wasn’t just a routine. It was my way of life. That’s where and when the magic really began.

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Photos by Monica Sescamilla • Video by Nelson Benavides, Inkandescent.TV