Discover Why This Children’s Book for Special Needs Kids is All the Buzz

Renee Carleson’s children’s book, “A Bee Like Me,” is the perfect read for special needs kids

April 1, 2021 — “I want you to know, I need you to see: Don’t be in a hurry to grow up and be like me. You are perfectly made the way God wants you to be,” writes Renee Carleson in her heart-warming book illustrated by Kaitlin Lundy, A Bee Like Me.

Dedicated to her special kneads sprout, Abby, the Mom of two kids on the autism spectrum shares: “When I began to write this book, my mission was to show society what it is like to be an autistic child. And, I wanted readers to know what it’s like to be the mother of a child with special needs. What I discovered in the process was an added gift: a deeper connection with my daughter.”

In fact, Renee said she found she had much more in common with her daughter than she realized. “This insight gave me the ability to empathize and strategize better ways to help Abby cope in the world.”

Renee is now on a mission to help special needs families everywhere to embrace their gifts and live a life full of wonderful experiences and independence. “This children’s book will hopefully show the world what it looks like to spend a day in our life. My guess is that it’s not too different than a day in yours.”

In the book, Abby writes:

  • Dear Mommy, please hear my plea; come along and follow me. I want you to know, I need you to see; I’m just a little sensory bee.
  • I need you to know, I want to confess; I feel like I can’t handle the stress!
  • I try to behave; I want to be good; but I often forget to do as I should.

About Illustrator Kaitlin Lundy: “I have loved art since I was a little girl and used my passion as a way to cope with my anxiety,” explains Kaitlin, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 3. A Bee Like Me is full of her original digital work.

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About Renee Carleson and A Sensory Bee

A Sensory Bee was born out of the heart and desperation of my personal challenges to deal with my own special needs family’s ever-changing needs,” explains Renee, whose company is based in Southern California. “With two special needs teens and sensory issues of my own, I have spent a lifetime learning how to take care of others in holistic ways.”

Renee’s career began as a medical assistant using Western medicine as a base of my practice. She realized that form of medicine was managing and treating the symptoms. Her desire to heal herself and others holistically led her to become a massage therapist.

“I believe that to achieve effective healing, you have to heal from the inside out,” insists Renee, who has created programs to teach families how to effectively calm the body, mind and reduce negative behaviors while creating positive, purposeful interactions with their special needs loved ones. I’m proud to offer the highest quality and most unique merchandise on the market today.”

A Sensory Bee’s product line allows families to shift their focus to positive parenting and productive play through organizational and routine-building tools to help your family thrive.

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