Learn what inspired this Georgia native to build Black Boys OM

Yogi Danny Fluker explains: “Black Boys OM started as an idea during an all male meditation work shop in Atlanta, Georgia. That idea slowly evolved into creating a network of black male wellness practitioners. This network grew locally and then by word of mouth.”

He adds: “Many of the Black male Yoga Instructors joining were already doing work in their own communities. This wellness network grew into a grassroots movement.  At present the network encompasses, 200 Yogis in 90 locations nationally and internationally, including London, Jamaica, Grenada, Bermuda, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, and Australia.”

Fluker’s grassroots movement in 2019, and since has become a non-profit organization with the purpose of taking the efforts of many of our Yogis and harnessing their Collective effort to impact local communities. Its focus is to serve the wellness practice of black boys and black men in churches, schools, correctional facilities, community centers, and yoga studios.

Learn more: Click here to follow Danny and his team at blackboysom.org • Listen to one of his recent podcasts • And stay tuned for our interview with this passionate, innovative yogi on Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine.