Feb. 21, 2023: K-12 expert Dr. Peter Noonan, Superintendent of the Falls Church City Public Schools in Northern VA, will be speaking at the National Distance Learning Conference in July

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, USDLA communications director and producer, Distance Learning Roundtable

Hello USDLA friends! We are thrilled to report that Dr. Peter Noonan, Superintendent of the Falls Church City Public Schools in Northern VA, will be speaking at the 2023 USDLA National Conference.

Peter’s topic: Distance Learning in a Global Pandemic and Beyond

“In this session, I will share how the school division managed and led through COVID in the Washington DC Region,” says the award-winning K-12 educator. “I’ll offer lessons learned from their experiences and how distance learning is reshaping pathways for students in a post-pandemic world.”

Scroll down to learn more about Peter, and click here to listen to his interview on our monthly podcast show, DistanceLearningRoundtable.com. Click here to watch the video on DistanceLearningRoundtable.tv.

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I look forward to meeting you at the conference! — Hope, hgibbs@usdla.org

February 2023: In Episode 5 of the Distance Learning Roundtable show, you’ll meet Dr. Peter Noonan, Superintendent of the Falls Church City Public Schools in Northern VA

This month’s show topic: How K-12 educators dealt with the pandemic and what the future of learning looks like for America’s superintendents

Show hosts Dean Hoke and Pat Cassella ask Dr. Noonan: 

  • Dean: Tell our viewers and listeners about the Falls Church Public City Schools. Can you give us a profile of the district and its student population?
  • Pat: In our conversations with school districts across the country, the COVID pandemic was not something public and private K-12 schools were prepared for, especially in providing education in a virtual world. Can you tell us about your district experience and how you took on this monumental challenge ranging from students to teachers to parents?
  • Dean: Did you have champions within your schools who could help others in this different type of teaching?
  • Pat: Tell our audience about your district’s current use of educational technology post-pandemic. You told us before the show about a unique use of distance learning for some of your students.
  • Dean: Peter, you came from the teaching ranks before moving into administration and then being a superintendent. You started your career as a special ed teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and were named Teacher of the Year in 1993. I believe teaching in Special Ed requires a much more individualistic approach for the students. How did being a special ed teacher help you be a Superintendent and a leader?
  • Pat: Peter, we would like to know your thoughts about the future of distance learning in the K-12 world both from an educational technology perspective and, more importantly, as a teaching tool

About our Guest: Since 2017, Dr. Peter Noonan has been Superintendent of Falls Church City Public Schools in Northern VA. Dr. Noonan began his career as a special education teacher in New Mexico, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 1993. Most recently, Dr. Noonan served as Superintendent for Fairfax City Public Schools after 11 years in the Fairfax County Public Schools division. At Fairfax County, he was assistant principal at Langley High School, principal at Lanier Middle School and Centreville High School, and assistant superintendent for Cluster VII schools. Finally, Dr. Noonan was the assistant superintendent for the Instructional Services Department, overseeing academic programs for the system’s 180,000 students. Dr. Noonan has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of New Mexico. He also completed studies to obtain the education specialist designation in educational administration. He completed his doctorate in education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Learn more at FCCPS.org.

Click here to listen to the podcast on DistanceLearningRoundtable.com.

Click here to watch the interview on DistanceLearningRoundtable.tv.

Coming in March to the Distance Learning Roundtable show — Ep6

We know you will love our guests, Kate Colbert and Joe Sallustio, authors of the hottest book to hit the Education market: Commencement.

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USDLA Chapter Shout-Out: AI Chat Panel Discussion Series

Call for Panelists: Attention all professionals! USDLA Chapter Northeast Digital Learning Association (NEDLA) is seeking volunteers to join them as panelists in a four part discussion exploring the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of AI chat in real-world practice as it pertains to digital and distance learning.

This is a unique opportunity to share your insights and expertise with a diverse audience and contribute to the advancement of the field. They are looking for individuals who have a passion for AI chat and have explored it in their practice.

As a panelist, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and insights on AI chat in your field and each session will be moderated.

The sessions will take place on April 10, 13, 24, and 27 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM EST. If you are interested in volunteering as a panelist, please complete this form. The deadline to apply is March 17, 2023. Don’t miss a chance to be a part of this exciting conversation!