Take the Challenge: Get Comfortable with the Quiet

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio The Quiet Start + The Messy Middle — an interview by Becki Fleischer with Jenn Oglesbee

In this podcast with Jenn Oglesbee, host Becki Fleischer asks: "Are you sitting in a space and time when something in your life doesn’t feel quite right?" Jenn does a fabulous job answering the question — and teaching us all about the essence of what it means to work with a life coach!

August 2021: A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, Inkandescent Radio Network and publisher BeInkandescent magazine — When I enrolled in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach program in 2019, I knew I’d learn a ton about the tools and techniques that would help me connect with clients looking to eviscerate their limiting beliefs.

An additional benefit was meeting some of the amazing women also getting their certifications. One of those women is Brenda Lee Nelson, our cover girl for the August 2021 issue of BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine. 

Another is my new friend and fellow Martha Beck certified coach Jenn Oglesbee, who is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who helps overwhelmed, exhausted women reclaim the joy and zest in their lives. “I am on a mission to harness the power of coaching to help women connect deeply with their desires, create guilt-free space for themselves, and live by their own rules,” says Jenn. When she’s not coaching, Jenn can be found having impromptu dance parties with her husband and two kids, taking walks around her town of Media, PA, or cozying up with a latte and a book.

In an interview with Beckies Fleischer, Jenn opens up about what a life coach is, her journey into coaching, and what we can all learn from this type of powerful life-changing work. Check out their interview, and learn more about how coaching can help you live with more joy at jennoglesbee.com.

If you have more questions about life coaching, click here to send me an email as I’m happy to share details! Wishing you continued health and wellness! — Hope