Meet the Richmond Photographer Who Helps Women Glow

By Kim Brundage

You might think I’m crazy, or maybe you can relate to this. My husband thinks I am beautiful and so do my friends. But what do I really think?

I didn’t share the same opinion of my body (not even close), and I realized I could use photography to see myself through their eyes.

I could blame my negative self-assessment on key people from my younger years and society (Hollywood standards, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, etc.). But I came to realize that the critical voice in my head was really my own, and I was wasting a lot of energy making disparaging remarks every time I looked in the mirror.

I had been studying different poses and lighting and decided to put myself in front of the camera because, like most women, I didn’t like pictures of myself. I thought I was going to delete all the images I took of myself, but instead, I finally saw the beautiful woman that my husband sees every time he looks at me. I learned how to capture the best version of myself and that is what I want to share with you.

We all want a fabulous portrait of ourselves, right? We can share that with our friends and family and for generations to come. When was the last time you had a great portrait taken of yourself?

That’s why I started Kim Brundage Photography in 2011.

Below, you’ll find a half dozen “before-and-after” shots of some of the women I’ve had the privilege of working with. Here’s to them — and to you.