May 16, 2023: Save the date for these upcoming USDLA Free Friday Webinars

Hello USDLA friends! One of our favorite events is the USDLA Free Friday Webinar series from 1-2 pm Eastern time.

Scroll down to meet our presenters, and mark your calendar for dates:

  • May 26: Sound of Conversation in 5 Steps with Pecha Kucha, presented by Kelli Erwin, Sr. Instructional Design Manager
  • June 2: Tech + SEL = DigiCit, presented by Seth Fleischauer, President, and Courtney Dayhuff, Director of Curriculum, Banyan Global Learning
  • June 9: Onboarding — It’s More than 1-N-Done for Success, presented by Bill Ryan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Ryan Consulting, LLC

If you missed it: We are thrilled to announce our International Distance Learning Award Winners! Click here to read our official press release.

And, if you haven’t already booked your spot at the 2023 USDLA National Conference in Orlando, FL, on July 17-20: Click here to join us!

We’ll talk again on Thursday: We’ll introduce you to more of our conference presenters. Until then, have a great week! — Valary Oleinik, webinar organizer and chair, USDLA National Conference 2023

May 26, 1-2 pm Eastern: Sound of Conversation in 5 Steps with Pecha Kucha

Presenter: Kelli Erwin, Sr. Instructional Design Manager at

Session: Pecha Kucha is the sound of conversation. Learn how to use this storytelling tool to help share information or communicate ideas. Pecha Kucha, Mini Pecha Kucha, and Ignite can all be used to get the message across in an organized and succinct way. Each type serves a purpose in delivering a message, sharing a story, and helping an audience to understand. Learn how to create each and experience the value of Pecha Kucha for teaching, learning, and communicating. Participants will be introduced to the three different styles related to Pecha Kucha and how to use these with different audiences. A template to follow will be shared to help guide participants through creating their own Pecha Kucha. In small groups, participants will work together to create then share out their Pecha Kucha. Resources will be provided to help you implement tomorrow.

With more than 20 years in education as a classroom (K-2), tech apps (K-5) and GT (K-5) teacher, district administrator for instructional technology (K-12), professional development trainer, instructional design manager, and product owner, Kelli has a passion for understanding how we learn, Dr. Erwin keeps her focus on the science behind learning, best practices for pedagogy and andragogy and best practices for delivering virtual and in-person learning opportunities. Her current focus is in the K-12 learning space.

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June 2, 2023, 1-2 pm Eastern: Tech + SEL = DigiCit

Presenters: Seth Fleischauer, President, and Courtney Dayhuff, Director of Curriculum, Banyan Global Learning

Session: Today’s youth average 6.5 hours per day of screen time. They are effectively citizens of two worlds — the flesh and blood and virtual worlds. As tech makes the world smaller, creating a culture of belonging is more important than ever. In addition to course and skill-specific content, educators must prepare students for responsible citizenship in both worlds. Self-awareness and relationship skills are as important in the virtual world as IRL.

Educators are responsible for furthering the whole child’s development in both worlds. SEL and technology can combine to foster good citizenship in both. Content-driven, tech-infused classrooms often pose challenges to regularly incorporating SEL into the curriculum. Participants will have opportunities to discuss their successes and challenges. Presenters will share research-informed ways, methods, and best practices they use to leverage technology to help students develop social-emotional skills and become responsible digital and real-world citizens. This interactive session will allow participants to practice some of these methods. Learn more at

About Seth Fleischauer: A graduate of Princeton University, Queens College School of Education, and the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, Seth taught in NYC public schools before founding Banyan Global Learning in 2008 and establishing its unique distance learning model. Seth lives in Portland, OR but still loves the New York Mets.

About Courtney Dayhuff: Since earning a degree in Multilingual/Multicultural Education from Arizona State University, Courtney has worked in ESL/EFL classrooms in the U.S., Costa Rica, Taiwan, and China. She oversees Banyan Global Learning’s unique daily transpacific distance learning program (Learning Live), including facilitating feelings-forward international student collaborations. When not in the classroom, Courtney enjoys playing music, traveling, adventurous outdoor activities, and time spent with family, friends, and her dog Wallace.

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June 9, 2023, 1-2pm ET: Onboarding — It’s more than 1-n-done for success

Presenter: Bill Ryan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Ryan Consulting, LLC

Session: Remember your first day at the new job? Remember the data dump of benefits, medical plans, payroll and tax forms, CEO’s video, and amazing day, right? And then the email was working, your supervisor’s ready to talk and get you oriented to everything, right?

With the transition to a remote workforce, this is the opportunity to reach out and begin the process by engaging the person in advance of their start date, whether they’re new or an existing employee moving to a new role. A structured onboarding program is key to the person’s long-term success and involves a strategic long-term plan.

In this session I will share a process that combines tactical training targeted around the needs of the role using the 4 ‘C’s’ +1 model that centers on constant communication, feedback, and performance measurement – all factors that impact employee retention and engagement. We’ll explore the employee lifecycle for mentoring and development and how connecting people together builds the internal network and supports collaboration. Onboarding is more than a 1 and done session, it’s a process that prepares people to be successful for the long-term performance.

About William J. Ryan, Ph.D.: The Founder & Principal Consultant with Ryan Consulting, LLC, Bill uses learning as a strategic business tool to develop and impact people to improve retention, engagement, and performance. He has a demonstrated record of corporate and industrial management experience leading performance support and instructional design teams globally, including government (Dept. of Energy), high technology (IBM & Westinghouse), and health-related industries such as home health care and insurance (Humana). Recent client work included developing a strategy on a page (SOAP) as well as a leadership development plan for a national financial firm, a comprehensive talent staffing and development plan for a manufacturing concern, an implementation strategy for a Hiring for Competency model used by the National Retail Services, and a state initiative focused on workforce development helping businesses retain and develop employees. Additional work has supported a nationwide clinical start-up focused on improved neonatal techniques for clinicians and a blended leadership and coaching program for a multi-state manufacturing concern. Bill holds an M.S. from Ithaca College focused on Instructional Design and a Ph.D. in Computing Technology in Education from Nova Southeastern University. For more information, please visit, send an email to, or call (502) 797-2479. Bill is active on switter (@WmJRyan) or welcomes connections on LinkedIn.

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