My Corona: We’re all in this together!

Illustration by Michael Glenwood Gibbs

June 2020 — Welcome to the June issue of Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine. Our theme this month is “My Corona” — because that fabulous song by The Knack keeps playing my head. That bit of Shakespearean humor keeps me from falling into the abyss of that global drama that seems to be getting harder, sadder, and more complicated each day.

The goal this month’s issue of Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine, and that of our sister magazine Inkandescent Women, is to offer readers thoughtful ideas, insights and gobs of calming wisdom that will hopefully assist in your ability to gracefully get through the unprecedented change that is our new reality.

This month’s cover story on Inkandescent Women features the Mexican clothing designer Vecani, who is selling colorful calming face masks (and donating one for each sold), in this issue of  Inkandescent Health & Wellness we are thrilled to introduce you to Audi Gozlan, a Moroccan-Jewish family whose family immigrated to Montreal from Israel in the 1960s.He is bringing the ancient practice of Kabalah Yoga to the 21st century.

Audi’s book, “Kabalah Yoga: Embodying the Hidden Power of the Sacred Hebrew Letter,” provides a daily practice to bring health and wellness by connecting the mind, body, spirit and soul through the ancient Jewish wisdom.

“In many ways, we are spiritual gardeners, constantly planting new seeds on our path of life,” explains the yogi. “The ones that we nurture are those that we will grow into, and those will become our destiny. We all share the desire to grow into our best self by reaching for our dreams and potential.”

Audi explains: Kabalah in Hebrew means “to receive” and refers to our ability to be receivers of light. Yoga in Sanskrit means “union” and alludes to the connection we can make through our breath of the inner and outer body. Kabalah, a sacred wisdom that has existed since the beginning of time, is a wisdom that encourages us to search inward, reach deeply within, and discover ourselves from inside out.

In his article (below) you’ll discover that the history of Kabalah reaches back to Abraham, the biblical ancestor who sent some of his sons to India.

“We are all truly connected,” insists Audi, who wants others to experience the harmony between the body and soul. “The goal of connecting Kabalah and yoga is to move the body with awareness of the shapes of the letters. By embracing the great wisdom that has existed since the beginning of time—we will be empowered, and we will heal.” Click here to read his story.

What’s your story? Please share your experience about how are you coping with the pandemic with us by sending me an email: We truly are all in this together.

Sending heartfelt wishes for health and wellness: mind, body, spirit and soul. — Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher,