Nov. 7, 2022: It’s Here! Have you registered for NDLW — Nov. 7-11

National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is here!

Please help us celebrate our 15th Anniversary: Leadership Across All Aspects of Distance Learning

Hello friends! National Distance Learning Week has arrived — November 7-11, 1 pm and 3 pm ET each day. Register here for the free NDLW sessions:

Scroll down for a complete schedule.

Meet Monday’s speaker: Dr. Karen Ferguson (pictured right)

Topic: Stop Looking for a Playbook — There isn’t one

We’ve been taught to apply theory, look for models, and find evidence or data to support what we want to do. During this keynote, Karen will discuss how our educational experiences may be the very thing holding us back and what we can do about it.

Dr. Karen Ferguson has the vision to transform access and success in higher education. She has worked in nearly every model of higher education and firmly believes that education remains the key to socioeconomic mobility and multi-generational success. Karen is a collaborative leader and learning professional who achieves strategic results, improve individual and institutional performance, and increases organizational effectiveness. She has experience leading small, large, and cross-functional groups on multiple projects, including faculty and student performance, persistence and retention, curriculum and assessment, enrollment and program growth, and the student experience.

As a non-traditional student herself, Karen is dedicated to improving the academic success of adult, military, and other modern learners. To do that, Karen believes we must all focus on our ability to influence our organizations, legislators, and regulators.

If you missed this session, please stay tuned for a link to watch it at your convenience.

Also on Monday: Also stay tuned for our second Monday session featuring Dr. Anthony Pina’s discussion, “Avoiding Common Errors in Leading Online Programs.” We’ll make the links available soon!


Tuesday, November 8, 2022

1-2 PM ET

  • Project Management, Change Management, and Now “F” Management: Strategies for Managing Teams Managing Innovations in Higher Education
  • Presented by: Gerry Hanley, Executive Director, MERLOT & Chief Academic Office, Partner in Publishing

3-4 PM ET

  • Empowering Leaders of Online Education
  • Presented by: Dr. Travis Neal & Dr. Georgianna Laws

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

1-2 PM ET

  • Stewardship and the Future of Instructional Delivery
  • Presented by: Dr. Alexandra Salas, Dean, Division of Innovation, Teaching, Digital Learning Excellence & Education Support Services, Delaware County Community College

3-4 PM ET

  • The Chief Online Learning Officer in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Presented by: Dr. Melanie Shaw, Professor, National University

Thursday, November 10, 2022

1-2 PM ET

  • SARA Resources: Helping Colleges and Universities with Distance Education Reciprocity
  • Presented by: Melanie Booth and Emily Jacobson

3-4 PM ET

  • Leadership decisions in faculty training for online teaching and learning
  • Presented by: Lisa A. Clark, EdD, Senior Product Manager, Anthology, Inc.

Friday, November 11, 2022

1-2 PM ET

  • Leadership Perspectives of Rural Distance Learning
  • Presented by: Dr. Matt Newlin

3-4 PM ET

  • Pure Heart Leadership™
  • Presented by: Dr. Shana Garrett, LPC, NCC, Dean for the College of Psychology and Community Services, Walden University