Silvia Stenitzer is back on the Living from Happiness podcast show — Today’s topic: Self-awareness and Self-Compassion

Living from Happiness, May 4, 2022 — Self-awareness and self-compassion are the touchstones of this fascinating episode. Today on the Living from Happiness podcast show, you’ll hear from Silvia Stenitzer, a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Fe, NM. She’s gathered an eclectic array of well-researched techniques she uses to help her clients and train the trainers.

Living from Happiness host Dr. Melanie Harth explains: “Silvia trusts the deep wisdom of the body, our innate self-healing abilities, and the magic of interpersonal connection. Movement, action, psychodrama, improvisation, art expression, dreams, play, and meditation are our allies on the journey to Self.”

In today’s episode: Melanie and Silvia share thoughts and experiences about the importance of the mind-body connection and the deep wisdom that we have available to us all the time when we know how to hear it.

  • Self-awareness is an interesting phenomenon. You’d think we’d all know how we’re feeling, and why — what triggered us — to feel what we’re feeling.
  • But most of us don’t. At all. We’re such a “neck-up” culture, meaning that we believe that our brain lives in our heads, with our bodies and energetic hearts somehow just along for the ride.
  • Being self-awareness means that you know who you are in this moment. You’re not afraid of your emotions. You can feel them and name them.
  • You understand that how you’re feeling isn’t necessarily something to act on or react to.
  • You recognize your thoughts and beliefs and accept that your thoughts are just thoughts, and your beliefs aren’t necessarily objective Truth with a capital T. From this place of self-awareness, you’re then able to think more clearly, feel more deeply, and make much better decisions and choices for yourself and your loved ones. Another powerful practice to cultivate is self-compassion. The truth is that, once you begin developing self-awareness, you’ll be seeing and feeling some things about yourself that aren’t always pretty or pleasant.

“That’s OK. You’re human,” Silvia and Melanie insist. “When you can feel compassion — kindness, gentleness, and tenderness — toward yourself, you’ll begin experiencing such delicious and healing things as inner balance and inner harmony.”

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About the Happiness Doc, Dr. Melanie Harth: A Santa Fe, NM-based counselor, Melanie specializes in helping high-achieving, high-functioning women who feel lost and scared — no matter how strong and accomplished they are. On her weekly show, guests share thought-provoking convos, from mindfulness and neuroscience to positive psychology and creativity, the show’s all about living well in transformational times.

Melanie explains: “I teach women how to re-connect with themselves and their dreams, discover what brings them joy and happiness, and achieve their goals. A lot of my clients have been thinking about working with a therapist for a while, but they’re not always sure their problems are serious enough to get help,” she explains. “Or they’ve gotten so used to struggling, oftentimes in secret, that they can’t remember what it feels like to sleep well and feel good about the day ahead of them. Also, many of my beloved clients have trust issues and want to make sure they’re emotionally safe before opening up their hearts, which I totally honor and respect.

“After all, it’s not always easy to shift from being the one who’s in charge of and on top of everything to feeling vulnerable and unsure. And if you come from a painful past, you want to protect your vulnerability. I understand. I come from a background of childhood sexual trauma; I’ve spent my life learning how to feel strong in my vulnerability, know that I’m safe, no matter what, and that my desires and needs are important.”

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