Jan. 24, 2023: Meet our USDLA sponsor — IpX, the Institute for Process Excellence

January 24, 2023: A Note from USDLA Executive Director Pat Cassella — I hope you are having a great week, friends! As we embark on an exciting new year in this week’s issue of USDLA News, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our newest sponsor, IpX — Institute for Process Excellence.

IpX brings decades of experience and capability across industries to help companies transform, thrive, and sustain while disrupting their markets.

“We believe true transformation and interoperability is born from the continual evolution of people, processes, systems, and data,” says Joseph Anderson, the president of IpX, who was instrumental in building the True North Enterprise Calibration™ model.

“Through our IDEA Academy (Innovation Driven by Excellence and Accountability) learning experience platform for workforce development, CM2 certifications, True North services, and digital solution advisement, we enable your organization always to evolve and design the blueprint for the ecosystem of tomorrow,” says Joe, who has more than 20 years of experience within the automotive, aerospace, marine and defense industries in various executive positions. “Drive innovation, create a better customer experience, and enable your workforce as an organization built for quality and resiliency.

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USDLA Partner Spotlight is on: IpX with President Joseph Anderson

USDLA: Tell us about your company. You have a long history.

Since 1986, IpX has provided education and services to over 2000 companies worldwide. We serve everyone from Nutrition to Nuclear and from Automotive to Outer Space. In our early years, we were best known for our CM2 industry-standard certifications, which laid the groundwork for our True North professional services. This is a proven, pragmatic methodology to guide organizations through decision-making, managing the disruptive aspects of change, and reducing risk. Our goal is to unearth underlying issues and help companies address their most challenging business concerns. Then, we help them develop and implement new processes and work processes that apply across their enterprise, making them scalable and sustainable.

USDLA: What have been your organization’s biggest challenges? 

Organizations tend to take a siloed approach to transformation without viewing themselves as a connected ecosystem or looking to a third-party expert on process improvement and transformation. We’ve overcome this in multiple ways, primarily through our large portfolio of comprehensive training courses, our proven services approach, and by adopting a philosophy that requires direct and transparent interactions with our customers. This creates confidence, trust, and shared purpose among our internal experts and customers, which leads to a true partnership.

USDLA: What are the company’s big wins?

We thrive on building great relationships with our customers. We work with the most impactful organizations that partner with us to streamline their processes and ensure product quality and safety. These are the products and experiences that consumers encounter every day. It’s the health devices that keep us alive, the transportation that gets us to work, the technology that keeps us connected, and even the energy and natural resources that drive the economy and sustain the environment. It means a lot to know we’re a part of that.

USDLA: Who is your ideal client, and how has the business grown recently?

We work with SMBs and corporations from around the world. Our ideal client is any size organization who is eager to improve not only its processes and systems but, most importantly, its people and its mindset. Investing in your workforce creates an organization eager to learn, collaborate, grow, and innovate. It improves the overall organizational culture, which people realize is crucial for employee retention, profitability, productivity, and customer experience.

USDLA: What does the future look like for your organization? 

We will see continued growth and an even stronger industry-leading presence. 2023 has already seen the expansion of our training portfolio with new courses focused on educating professionals and students on topics across the digital transformation landscape. Organizations are always looking to transform, and we’re excited to develop the relationships to help them succeed. We also anticipate new partnerships with great organizations like the USDLA and a chance to create more meaningful engagement with customers and students.

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Jan. 24, 10 AM  and Jan. 26, 2 PM: IntelliBoard Webinar

Title: Higher Ed Costs: Do More with Less. Leveraging Technology in Student Retention Plans

Presenter: DeVon Hunt, Director of Training & Onboarding

In this session: DeVon will discuss using technology to create cross-department retention strategies that include early student interventions.

We will also cover how to decide the best technology and which criteria you should evaluate, including:

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  • Identifying Key Success Metrics

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