Oct. 25, 2022: Countdown to National Distance Learning Week, Nov. 7-11

National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is just around the corner

Join us for our 15th Anniversary Celebration

Hello friends! NDLW is almost here, and we are thrilled to have you join us November 7-11 for a week filled with 10 complimentary webinars. Tune in at 1pm and 3pm ET each day as USDLA hosts its 15th annual National Distance Learning Week.

This year’s theme: Leadership Across All Aspects of Distance Learning

With the goals of generating greater awareness and appreciation for distance learning, discussing current issues and emerging trends, highlighting best practices, and recognizing leaders in the field — USDLA is proud to share details about five of the 10 complimentary sessions we invite you to attend. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Register and learn more about NDLW: https://usdla.org/ndlw-2022

Questions? Feel free to contact Valary Oleinik: voleinik@usdla.org

Project Management, Change Management, and Now F’ing Management: Strategies for Managing Teams Managing Innovations in Higher Education

Presented by: Gerry Hanley, Executive Director, MERLOT & Chief Academic Office, Partner in Publishing

Strategies for managing academic technology teams in higher education can make or break a campus initiative.  The F’ing Management strategy covers the principles of Family First, Friendship, Forgiveness, Fun, Fairness, Facilitation, and Flexibility.  The sessions will discuss the application of these principles and why they work in higher education.

Stewardship and the Future of Instructional Delivery

Presented by: Dr. Alexandra Salas, Dean, Division of Innovation, Teaching, Digital Learning Excellence & Education Support Services, Delaware County Community College

This presentation shares challenges, lessons learned, and possibilities for higher education curated during the summer and fall of 2021 and spring of 2022 from research and one-on-one conversations with 22 college presidents and other higher education professionals, who shared insights on the curiosities driving this book. Leaders discuss higher ed ecosystems and strategies and tools to support this dynamic interconnect system. K-12 and higher ed.

The Chief Online Learning Officer in a Post-Pandemic World

Presented by: Dr. Melanie Shaw, Professor, National University

The Chief Online Learning Officer is a key role in higher education. With the disruption in educational praxis caused by the unintentional shift to online learning required for most institutions during the pandemic, this role is more critical than ever.

In this presentation, we will explore the key skills needed to advance leadership in the online space and undo some of the harms caused by poorly implemented and actualized online learning over the past few years.

Participants will emerge with strategies to apply in their own online contexts to promote success for distance education stakeholders.

Leadership decisions in faculty training for online teaching and learning

Presented by: Lisa A. Clark, EdD, Senior Product Manager, Learn Ultra

Distance education has evolved into a trusted, necessary, and expected form of delivering higher education content, no longer considered a fad or a new method of instruction. Due to the initial rapid growth of distance education offerings, early participating faculty received little training, guidance, or standards regarding the building of their virtual courses.

Fast forward to 2020 and the shutdown of in-person instruction worldwide, most Instructors were not ready to address the differences between synchronous (traditional face-to-face) and asynchronous (via distance education) learning environments.

Now, more than ever, students expect online education offerings at their institutions and may obtain their entire degree program via distance. What is the best way to encourage training for online teaching? What is truly important to instructors regarding their preference for training and incentives for training? These topics and more will be shared in this session to outline ideas related to leadership decisions for training for online teaching and learning.

Pure Heart Leadership™

Presented by: Dr. Shana Garrett, LPC, NCC, Dean for the College of Psychology and Community Services, Walden University

Pure Heart Leadership™ is an approach that encourages an authentic style while recognizing the individuality and strengths of leaders. This leadership model was developed based on over 20 years of professional experience within higher education while blending several key psychology theories of Albert Bandura, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Rogers with a mindfulness approach to working with others.

This model is one of encouragement, empowerment, and truly rewarding in both self and team Development. Our leadership style encompasses who we are as individuals—our strengths, weaknesses, and values—all applied behaviorally to how one leads others. Awareness of one’s leadership style gives a better working knowledge of how one operates, intermingles with folks, and communication style.

The greater understanding one has about who they are and how one presents, the more empowerment experienced to solidify strengths, build development opportunities, and relate with others. Discovering your leadership style includes three key components: self-evaluation for baseline; observations from others; and comparing your style against the organizational culture. This research provides a pathway to exploring individual leadership qualities, assessment in your current state of approach, as well as how to identify and collaborate with your organizational team members’ styles.