Where Can Music Take You?

Illustration by Michael Glenwood Gibbs

May 2020 — Confucius said: “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” As we live through another month the coronavirus pandemic, at the Inkandescent™ Group we continue to look for ways to stay inspired, and inspire others, to see the light in what sometimes like grim darkness.

In this issue of Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine, we look to the age-old joy magnet: music. It triggers memories, calms your nerves, changes your mood, and scientists suggest that music can make you smarter. What’s more, upward of 28 million people in the United States play an instrument, according to statista.com — and odds are good that many of them have dreams of performing in front of a crowd.

So, fess up. If you’ve ever wanted to be a rock star, raise your hand. Eli Lieb raised both arms when we asked this cover boy about his journey to music stardom.

“Defying all the odds of being an independent musician has been tough,” he admits. “You’re basically told that you will never make it. To believe in yourself and not listen to anyone else’s opinion can be very challenging. You really have to be resourceful and figure out how to compete on a shoestring budget with people who have millions backing them. But this challenge can also be greatly satisfying if you actually do start to achieve significant success.”

Scroll down for more information about Lieb. And click here to read our Q&A with the rising pop star. Other stories you might want to read:

We leave you with this parting thought from Victor Hugo: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Here’s to making beautiful music!Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Be Inkandescent