Hope Katz Gibbs — Author, Journalist, Publicist, Serial Entrepreneur

Hope Katz Gibbs is the author of “PR Rules: The Playbook,” and president of Inkandescent™ Inc., a national PR firm and publishing company that this award-winning journalist founded in 2008. With the goal of helping entrepreneurs supersize their small businesses, Hope and her team of experienced writers and artists publish online magazines (including InkandescentWomen.com and BeInkandescent Health & Wellness: BeInkandescent.com), produce dozens of podcast shows on InkandescentRadio.com, and film, direct, and produce videos featured on Inkandescent.tv.

What’s New? In recent years, Hope has been supersizing her own small business by featuring live and recorded classes through her popular portals by teachers and coaches located around the U.S. Not only do these professionals get a website with her sites, an interview that posts on Inkandescent’s radio and TV channels, they also have access to incredibly affordable PR packages (starting at $100/month) to promote their work. Best of all, they become part of a national community of entrepreneurs who work together to build each other’s brands. With that mission in mind, Hope also launched an online store to showcase and sell the work of the truly amazing women in her network who create gorgeous handmade goodies: InkandescentShop.com.

What’s Next? In 2021 Hope will expand the book and magazine publishing portion of Inkandescent™ Inc., with the launch of InkandescentPublishing.com.

Hope’s books include: 

  • PR Rules: The Playbook — An entrepreneur’s guide to supersizing your small business using the 8 Steps to PR Success™ is Hope’s 200-page guidebook that teaches leaders to master the art of PR, marketing, advertising, social media, and sales.
  • Why Divorce: 5 Reasons to Leave — This is Hope’s newest title, which is currently a website where she’s gathering case studies and expert advice
  • Your What’s Next Journal — A monthly journal with 12 issues to inspire you — mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart, with Cynthia de Lorenzi, founder of Success in the City

Upcoming titles by her clients include:

    • Start Before You Are Ready: The Roadmap to Living Your Best Life, by tech expert and CASE Management CEO Angela Mitchell
    • Becoming a Voice of Change: A guidebook for reporters on how to get the story straight surrounding domestic abuse, by filmmaker and founder of Voices4Change.net Tracy Schott
    • The Edible Garden Girl: A year of recipes and gardening tips that makes your garden grow, by Hilary Schwab

Learn more about this entrepreneur with a passion for communicating through her online portfolio: www.Powered-by-Hope.com.

Would you like to become part of the Inkandescent™ family? Contact Hope via email.