Wine Art: Fine artist Leanne Laine Shows us the Beauty of Life Through the Nectar of the Gods

Editor’s Note: I first found Leanne Laine’s amazing art while walking around Indianapolis one lovely fall day in 2018 before a conference I attended with the US Distance Learning Association. I was on a mission to get a taste of the town and was drawn into a beautiful wine bistro near my hotel. Leanne’s art covered the walls as if the place was set up as a gallery for her work rather than a restaurant.

As I sat enjoying a chilled glass of pinot grigio, my eye was repeatedly drawn to a series called “Pour Me a Glass.” (See below.)

Brilliant, I thought! This is exactly how I feel about my life at the moment— that as the nectar of my adventure is being poured, the glass of my new life is being created.

I had never bought paintings for myself until that day. But on this business trip, I was starting anew. I made my first art purchase of Leanne’s work that afternoon and hope to continue collecting more for years to come.

Learn more about Leanne’s journey below, and lift a glass to your own. — Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher

By Leanne LaineMeet the Artist: Born in Manila, Philippines and raised and still residing in British Columbia, visual art has always been a powerful passion for Leanne Laine.

“However, like many people, I was raised with very traditional values to grow up and become something more ‘practical’ to keep up with this fast-paced society instead of doing art for a living,” shares the artist who studied business management while teaching herself to paint. “My art was a way of escaping from the pressures of making the ‘right’ decisions for myself.”

As many young adults from the city do after finishing school to make mom and dad proud, Leanne jumped into the fast lane of the corporate world. By July 2003 where she was suddenly (thankfully) laid off when the company downsized.

“Although experiences like this are expected in today’s age, it can be very disheartening,” she knows. “However, losing my job turned out to be a blessing. I knew this was my time to live my dream and turn creating art into a full-time career.”

In that first year, she sold more than 400 hand-painted works that are now being displayed with private and corporate collectors from around the world. “The best part is the beauty I find in inspiring the hearts of others.”

Finding Beauty in Doing what you Love: Leanne’s Women in Wine and Vinogamy Series

  • Leanne’s exclusive Women In Wine Series   and Vinogamy  Series are two unique collection of wine art works that depict the elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and vibrancy of the movement of wine that hypnotizes the palate.
  • Her Women in Wine Series  began with Lady Merlot, a wine painting where the merlot owned the wine glass, confident and empowered, teasing the taste buds.
  • Her Vinogamy Series  began with two original wine paintings, An Intimate Toast and The Taste of Devotion, two wine paintings that were created together to celebrate wine, love, desire, passion and devotion.

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