Episode 85 — Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro: Meet Eugenie George, the author of “Our Money Stories”

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March 10, 2023: What inspired Eugenie George to become a financial writer? What was the process of writing her important book, "Our Money Stories"? What's next for Eugenie? Learn about this and more on this week's episode of Margaritaas with Marguerita.

March 10, 2023: A Note from Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro — I invite you to tune in for this week’s episode of my podcast and video show, Margaritas with Marguerita, where for 15 minutes each Friday at Happy Hour, we start the weekend off right learning from industry experts how to flex our financial muscles. 

Meet our guest: Eugenie George, author, Our Money Stories

Today’s Topic: What’s your money story?

Rita asks Eugenie:

  • How did you become a financial writer?
  • What was the process of writing your book?
  • How are you creative in the financial planning industry?
  • When did you decide to start a career helping financial planners?
  • What are your thoughts about inclusivity in the financial industry?

About Eugenie George, MBA, CFEI: Eugenie has appeared in CNBC, Forbes, The Cut, The Financial Diet, and other publications. She specializes in writing about behavioral science and personal finance, drawing on her own experiences as a freelance writer, business owner, and debt-ridden graduate student. She is the author of Our Money Stories, a collection of personal finance essays that explore the emotional and behavioral factors that drive our financial decisions for Women of Color. When she’s not writing or reading about money, Eugenie can curate her DJ set, walk long distances, or watch TV with her partner and two bonus kids.

About Our Money Stories: Have you ever thought about how your personal history, ancestry, and environment affect your money habits? People rarely connect their personal history with their health, wealth, relationships, and career. But what if we could create a holistic view of our money? A Financial Wellness Plan. Eugenie George is a financial wellness specialist and educator who attributes her success in personal finance to creating an unorthodox way of viewing money. From paying off student loans to navigating her family’s financial situation, she understands the old method of wealth building doesn’t work for Women of Color. In this book, she shares the truth… Even her current net worth helps you build a financial wellness plan through weekly money practices and strategies for understanding your money story.

After reading this book, you will discover the following:

  • The historic landscape of laws and policies that have affected Women of Color
  • Learn from 30 interviews from Women of Color (Latinx, Native, African, and Asian American)
  • Understand your current money story- mindset and ancestry
  • Your current money situation- i.e money story, Net Worth, etc
  • Find your Financial BFF and Money Tribe
  • Organize your financial life
  • Create a Financial Wellness Plan

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