Intuitive Psychotherapist and author Kara Kihm takes us on an advenuture to glean insights from mental health experts from around the world

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Kara explains: A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher with more than a decade of experience as a social worker, Becca specializes in working with women who have experienced trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety. Don't miss our interview!

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, BeInkandescent magazine — I am thrilled to introduce our audience to truly amazing Kara Kihm, author of “Discovering My Wings,” a podcast and video show that shines a light on mental health professionals around the world:

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The back story: “I was raised with a traditional southern upbringing and Catholic dogma,” she explains. “Growing up, I learned to be pretty, sweet, quiet, and do whatever it took to make people like me. I married a good provider and moved into the perfect home. I had it all, including the proverbial white picket fence.” Then her marriage fell apart. Everything Kara thought she wanted from her life began to crumble around her. She stood amid the rubble, and rather than crumble too; she decided to redefine it all. What were her passions, dreams, and desires without her perfectly scripted life? She sold everything, bought a van, and drove to Alaska with her two dogs to answer these questions. When she discovered the voice of her intuition, it led her on an incredible hero’s journey, not just across the country but straight into her most authentic essence.

Travel with Kara as she follows her spirit and leaves behind the part attached to people-pleasing and looking perfect. As Kara embraces the vast range of her emotions, it gets downright messy. But as the journey unfolds, Kara’s sense of grit, humor, and passion for life bring her into grace, and the journey ends with her greatest miracle. As you travel with Kara, you may start to hear your inner guiding voice, feel your deepest emotions, and let your experiences create you as you live them. She inspires anyone who wants to step away from an old life, old self, and old patterns and discover who you are.

I look forward to our podcast and a video interview with the author of this magical book. Until then, scroll down to read the first two chapters of the book! The Inkandescent team knows you enjoy them as much as we do! Stay tuned for more! 

About Kara Kihm: A psychotherapist and empowerment coach with a private practice named Discover Your Wings, Kara provides psychotherapy and Reiki to women going through major life transitions. The name of her practice evolved from the consistent symbols and spirit guides of butterflies she tapped into during her transformative journey. Her practice assists women as they transform their lives and Discover Their Wings. Kara is also a writer, lover of nature, and an inspiration to everyone who wants to dance with the divine — and discover their wings. She resides in Asheville, NC, with her daughter, Fair. Click here to learn how you can Discover Your Wings with Kara!