We’ve “Got it Goin’ On!” with Janice Ferebee, MSW

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio Janice Ferebee teaches us to make strides and change lives worldwide — especially for black girls

On today's episode of Tracy Schott's Voices4Change show, you'll learn how this internationally recognized personal development speaker, author, and global female empowerment expert is making an impact worldwide with her program, "Got it Goin' On!"

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, producer of Tracy Schott’s Voices4Change show: Don’t miss today’s interview on Voices4ChangeRadio, where Tracy Schott talks with a woman helping end intimate violence in the black community with the spectacular advocate for women’s rights, Janice Ferebee, MSW. For decades, she has been making strides and changing lives worldwide, especially for black girls.

Their topic: What everyone needs to know about “Got it Goin’ On!”

You’ll learn:

  • What inspired Janice to create her organization — and how its global success came as a surprise, even to her!
  • What she learned from Oprah
  • How her book took on a life of its own
  • What’s next for this truly amazing woman

About Janice: An internationally recognized personal development speaker, author, and global female empowerment expert, Janice earned a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2).

She is the founder & Chief Woman Warrior (CWW) of Ferebee Enterprises International, LLC, a global female empowerment social enterprise.  With over 40 years’ expertise, Janice has the distinction of being recognized by Oprah and ESSENCE Magazine for her award-winning GOT IT GOIN’ ON® (GIGO) empowerment brand and program for Black girls, and she was the first Models Editor of African descent for Seventeen Magazine.

Janice is a two-time Stage 2b fallopian tube cancer survivor blessed with 30 years in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol use.  She has turned her unique personal and professional life experiences into tools to help educators, parents, practitioners, and leaders of girl-serving organizations, to empower Black girls to build confidence and cultural pride, and develop personal action plans for their lives; AND, Black women, find their voices and create blueprints for their lives.

Learn more about Janice and her organization here: janiceferebee.com