April 2022: Join us for Community Mini-Retreats with Zenit — Journal for Hope

April 2022: A note from Alina Liao, founder, Zenit — When we’re grappling with stress and trauma, it’s common to feel hopeless. While journaling doesn’t necessarily make our problems go away, it can help us find or maintain our sense of hope.

This isn’t about forced optimism, either. It’s about seeing that there is a path forward, even if we only see that path bit by bit. It’s about trusting that we will find a way. In this mini-retreat, we’ll journal to process what’s weighing on us, release, and build our sense of hope. We’ll use guided journaling exercises, breathing, and meditation.

When: Tuesday, April 12, 7-8pm EST • Sunday, April 24, 10-11am EST

  1. Buy tickets at https://www.zenitjournals.com 
  2. Once you purchase your ticket, you will get a calendar invite with the Zoom info.
  3. The event structure will be:
    • Welcome Ways to Journal
    • Collective breathing
    • Journaling exercise 1
    • Journaling exercise 2
    • Share in small groups
    • Journaling exercise 3
    • Share in small groups
    • Affirmations
    • Meditation

How does it work? In this retreat, we’ll gather on Zoom. I’ll guide us through a few journaling activities. In each one, I’ll provide a few prompts for you to choose from tailored to the theme. We’ll journal for several minutes, and then we’ll come back and share our reflections in small breakout rooms, to connect with each other on a human level. We all naturally have the wisdom that we can share, and there’s so much power and comfort in hearing from others. I always leave our retreats with inspiration and nuggets of wisdom. As always, we’ll close with affirmations from the group.

Why Journal? Journaling is a powerful tool to tap your power. When we journal, we peel back the layers of our psyche and bring what was subconscious into the conscious. By building our self-awareness through journaling, we’re empowered to make the changes we want to see in our lives. Zenit’s journaling mini-retreats are designed to be a safe, inclusive, affirming space to experience the healing power of journaling in the community.

Leaders: They’re led by me, Alina Liao, founder of Zenit. I bring my passion for making wellness accessible and my background in mental health coaching to this work. Sending love! Learn more at https://www.zenitjournals.com.

I’ll see you soon!