You’ll be empowered by women’s advocate and Texas prosector Kelsey McKay, founder RESPOND Against Violence

A Note from Filmmaker Tracy Schott, founder Voices4Change and host of the Voices4Change Radio Show — I am happy to introduce you to Kelsey McKay, a highly recognized national expert on criminal asphyxiation in the context of sexual and interpersonal violence, child abuse, and human trafficking.

She is also the president and CEO of RESPOND Against Violence, an organization that integrates the experience of individuals, communities, and systems to improve the collective response to violence and trauma.

“After decades of work on the front lines, RESPOND was established to fill identified gaps in the system that impede justice, healing, and advancement of reform,” says the former prosecutor in Travis County, Texas, who worked exclusively to prosecute strangulation related crimes. “We are committed to providing tools to assist practitioners and facilitate a survivor’s experience with the systems designed to protect them.”

In this interview: 

  • Kelsey describes how the two advocates met at the 2019 Conference on Crimes Against Women in Dallas.
  • Her “ah-hah” moment after viewing Finding Jenn’s Voice
  • As an expert in domestic violence awareness, with an emphasis on strangulation, Kelsey defines the “Power & Control” dynamic of intimate partner violence
  • She also talked about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and gender: why women are more likely to be victims
  • Kelsey will also share her research into the psychology of strangulation
  • And, she’ll give us important tools and tactics on how all women can care for ourselves

That’s not all: Kelsey will be featured on a brand new series, The Voices4Change Webinar. The topic: “Beyond Defunding: Defining the role of community partners in responding to intimate partner violence.”