The Music Man: Meet the maestro who crafts the tunes for the Edible Garden Girl’s videos, and more!

Composer and lyricist Scott Richards is the man who created the music for the videos of the Edible Garden Girl, Hilary Schwab. We’ll be promoting their work in the coming months and years, so the staff Inkandescent™ Health & Wellness magazine is excited to introduce you to this Maryland resident.

Scott grew up in a household of talented artists and musicians, so it was inevitable that he would become both. An avid fan of the beautiful natural bounty at America’s national parks, nature is the subject of much of his impressive photography.

Scott is also a multiple award-winning musical director for area theater productions, and for many of which he also plays the piano.

“Growing up, my dads’ career of being a professional jingle writer for commercials and a full-time musician greatly influenced my life,” Scott shares. “I learned to play the piano at a young age, and have  an innate talent of seeing musical notes in my head. This enables me to play any song that I hear—without needing to read the music.”

Scott balances his artistic side with a career as a computer scientist, and his skills in management at IT firms come into play when he’s directing a show. “Putting together the cast—the voices and instruments—while playing multiple instruments on the keyboard, plus conducting, gives me great personal satisfaction.”

Next on Scott’s to-do list: composing. We can’t wait to hear what this maestro creates next.