Black Lives Matter Radio Show interviews author, talk show host, and candidate for 2022 California State Senate

Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio What inspired Sharifah to run for political office?

When it comes to impacting change, Sharifah Hardie knows that having a platform is key. In this podcast she talks about the podcast show she created after losing her first election – and how she's ramping up to run again in 2022!

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020: A Note from Tony Farmer, host, Black Lives Matter Radio Show on the Inkandescent Radio Network — Our guest tonight is a powerhouse of an entrepreneur! Sharifah Hardie is a business consultant, author, talk show host, producer at Bizzy Girl Productions, and “a candidate for 2022 California State Senate District 30.

This diversity and inclusion specialist shares her thoughts on being a small business owner in her books: “Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur: How to Discover the Entrepreneur in You,” and the ebook, “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing.”

Sharifah’s next big goal is to make a difference as a politician. The California native ran for Long Beach City Council in the 2020 primary election and has her sights set on the California Senate in 2022.

We met when Sharifah invited our producer, Hope Katz Gibbs, to be a guest on her video podcast, Ask Sharifah: The Round Table Talk Show. And we couldn’t wait to have her as a guest on our show.

On this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Sharifah to build her first website in 1994 — and what she’s done as an online influencer in the years since
  • Why she launched her first radio show in 2009, and how the podcast business has grown and changed in the last decade
  • How she felt about being laid off over 8 times — and how she had the courage and endurance to keep on swinging
  • How her role as director of marketing at Punch TV Studios helped the company gain national exposure and raise millions in its Initial Public Offering — and what that taught her about building and promoting her own company
  • And so much more!

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